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Get Social Now! (But Do It Right)

After our VP of Marketing, Tamara Evans’, standing-room only presentation at the ASOA conference, the editor of Administrative Eyecare asked her to write a follow on article about Social Media ROI. The article appeared in the July/August edition of the magazine. This publication is a primary practice management and marketing resource for Ophthalmic Practice Administrators…Read More…

Got Millennials Yet?!

Millennials represent a rapidly growing segment of the buying population for vision correction surgery. But, this group of buyers is hard to reach and hard to keep engaged. This month, our CEO Dr David Evans, is featured in the new Ophthalmology Times practice management blog series with an article entitled “How to Attract Millennials to…Read More…

July 2017 Ceatus Chronicles

Which Review Sites are Most Important? Elementary, My Dear Watson Reviews have become a powerful form of online advertising, to be ignored at your peril. Nielsen data shows that potential patients believe online reviews just as much as a word-of-mouth referrals from friends or family members. Reviews also significantly impact buying decisions. A Better Business…Read More…

June 2017 Ceatus Chronicles

Melding Traditional and New Age Marketing Out with the old-school marketing and in with the new age (Digital) marketing? Not so fast! Ceatus leadership is often asked to speak at the major national and international elective health care conferences across eye care, plastic surgery, dentistry and other elective healthcare market segments. (See our schedule of…Read More…

Blending Traditional and New Age Marketing

Ceatus VP of Marketing, Tamara Evans, was invited to speak at the recent Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting about integrating traditional marketing with new age digital strategies. She presented to a packed audience about how these types of marketing are different, but more importantly in today’s online world, how they are similar. The objective of traditional…Read More…

Trusted Palm Springs County Eye Surgery Center Updates Website

Visual Health is an eye surgery center in Palm Springs County, Florida with two locations: Jupiter and Palm Springs. The eye doctors at Visual Health specialize in cataract surgery, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Patients in Florida are likely senior citizens who will experience these vision issues at some point their lifetime, and they can…Read More…

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