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SEO and PR Go Hand In Hand

Highly skilled digital marketing strategists know that SEO and public relations go hand-in-hand. At Ceatus, we cultivate the relationship between Internet visibility and the press to help our clients reap the maximum benefit from their online presence. The last two weeks are a case in point. As everyone knows, the famous comedian, Bill Cosby, is…Read More…

Southwest Florida Plastic Surgeon Optimizes Website

Southwest Florida is a very image-conscious area of the United States. Lots of sunny weather means one’s personal appearance is paramount. Dr. Douglas Stevens knows this, and helps his patients look their best with a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help them look incredible. He specializes in facial plastic surgery, but also offers…Read More…

Bariatric Center Updates Website for Medical Tourism

Mexico Bariatric Center has helped thousands of patients from the United States and Canada achieve their weight-loss dreams. Their highly-trained and educated doctors assist medical tourists from all over the globe with bariatric surgery to help them lose weight, and regain their health. Their website, has all the information patients travelling to Mexico need…Read More…

Leading Westlake, Ohio Plastic Surgeon Unveils Redesigned Website

Raj Plastic Surgery is one of Westlake, Ohio’s top plastic surgery centers, and is headed by Dr. Joyesh Raj. To complement the practice, Dr. Raj has updated his website with a modern, attractive design that is a completely custom design. Dr. Joyesh Raj’s practice is a full-service cosmetic surgery center. Patients can improve their…Read More…

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