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Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

Johannesburg ophthalmologist diversifies his Internet marketing strategy and achieves success!

Background: Dr. Stef Guglielmetti attended a three-hour seminar about Internet marketing presented by Ceatus Media Group CEO, Dr. David Evans. Inspired by what he learned about best practices for building and enhancing an online brand and image, Dr. Guglielmetti contracted with Ceatus Media Group to create more online visibility and generate more patient leads and surgical volume for his practice.

Solution: More Patient Referrals

Dr. Guglielmetti quickly began generating new patient leads through his personalized listing in All About Vision. All About Vision is the premier informational eye care website and receives more than 20 million visitors per year.

Patient Leads from New Practice Website

Dr. Guglielmetti’s desire was to promote his LASIK, cataract and corneal surgery practice. So in addition to purchasing a listing in All About Vision, he hired Ceatus to design and develop a new website, and to develop effective concepts for branding his practice. In May, his new website launched along with a customized strategy to build traffic for his site from Google and the other major search engines.

Results: Immediately after establishing a customized profile page on All About Vision, Dr. Guglielmetti began receiving leads from prospective patients who wanted to learn more about his premier services for LASIK and cataract surgery. Within months of launching his new website, traffic began to grow rapidly and patient leads began coming from the website, not only from prospective patients who had heard of Dr. Guglielmetti by word-of-mouth referral, but also from those who had searched for information online about LASIK and cataract surgery and found Dr. Guglielmetti’s website.

Learn About Dr. Evans’ Presentations

Dr. David Evans, CEO of Ceatus Media Group, speaks regularly at the annual meetings of many prestigious medical organizations, including ASCRS, ESCRS, ASAPS, Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium, AAFPRS, CDS and others. Dr. Evans can be reached at



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