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September 2018 CEATUS Chronicles

Want More High-End Patients? Try this one Simple Step! If you want more patients for high-end elective procedures, particularly from the millennial crowd, there is just one thing you need to do — control what is being said about you online. When your online review profile is very positive, new patients flock to your practice. This…Read More…

June 2018 Ceatus Chronicles

Hold On, They Did What? Five Common Mistakes that Sabotage Your Digital Marketing Mistake #1: Getting lured in by that slick “do-it-all platform” for your website Many marketing companies offer websites that operate ONLY on (and within) their own proprietary platform. These platforms promise everything wonderful, such as automated marketing functions, scheduled website updates and/or…Read More…

May 2018 Ceatus Chronicles

Not all that Flickers is Gold “Low-quality” Technology can have catastrophic consequences on your Google rankings We often take on clients whose previous SEO companies failed to deliver either the traffic or the services needed to succeed in the context of Google’s, and other search engines’, ever-changing algorithms. Our unparalleled expertise in SEO, in addition to…Read More…

April 2018 Ceatus Chronicles

Search and You Will Find? The How and Why Not of SEO Automation Last month Forbes published an article entitled, “How Much Do We Really Know About Google’s Ranking Algorithm?” The author concluded that we really don’t have much direct knowledge about the algorithm and voiced his opinion that Google should have a right to…Read More…

March 2018 Ceatus Chronicles

Review Revelation It’s not the end of the world if you get a bad review – but you do need to address it According to data from Nielsen, consumers consider online reviews to be as reputable as referrals from family members and friends1, and reviews have a significant impact on consumer buying decisions; a Better…Read More…

October 2017 Ceatus Chronicles

Digital Marketing ROI: Trick or Treat? Three ROI tricks…don’t be fooled Return on Investment (ROI) are three words that receive an enormous amount of attention in the digital marketing sphere. We often speak about digital marketing at major conferences and inevitably, there are questions from the audience about how to evaluate ROI for digital dollars…Read More…

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