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January 2016 Ceatus Chronicles

Don’t Make Decisions Based on Sunk Costs One of the oldest rules in business is not to make decisions based on money that is already spent, i.e. “sunk costs.” Savvy business people make decisions that invest in their future. In today’s difficult economic environment, many digital marketing companies are much better at getting you to…Read More…

December Newsletter 2015

Festive Wine Pairings to Make Your Holidays Sparkle! Socializing Stimulate your palate and your conversations NV Lucien Albrecht Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé Fresh and alluring sparkling wine with dried strawberry flavors and a perky aftertaste. ($19.99) The history of the Albrecht family as winegrowers can be traced back to 1425 with Romanu Albrecht. In 1972,…Read More…

November 2015 Ceatus Chronicles

Thanksgiving Greetings! During this time of year, we pause to think about all the things we are grateful for in our lives. For Ceatus, this year has been very busy, filled with many opportunities to help our clients achieve Internet success in the constantly changing Internet marketing world. We are so fortunate to work with…Read More…

August 2015 Ceatus Chronicles

Internet Marketing: What Am I Paying For? Helloooo – results, of course! Perhaps the most frequently asked questions about Internet marketing are “How much should I pay?” and “How do the payments work?” The answers to these questions can be confusing because new vendors continually enter and leave the market, all promising pie-in-the-sky Internet dominance…Read More…

July 2015 Ceatus Chronicles

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Tired of confusing and conflicting Internet marketing metrics? Set them aside and use common sense to evaluate your online strategy. The universal questions “How is my Internet strategy working?” and “what am I paying for?” are no longer easy questions to answer. Back in the good old days, you used…Read More…

Dentistry Newsletter

Own Your Destiny You can’t take with you what you don’t own… Imagine the following scenario: You’re renting your home, and your landlord asks you to pay for new hardwood floors, cabinetry and kitchen appliances. Pretty absurd, right? Why would you ever invest in something you will never own? Yet, every day, dentists sink money…Read More…

June 2015 Ceatus Chronicles

Design It and They Will Come Five ways to change up your website for a website design grand slam Summer is heating up and it’s a great time to change the lineup of your Internet marketing strategy. As the wheelhouse of your online marketing, what could be more worthy of a revamp than your website?…Read More…

May 2015 Ceatus Chronicles

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News Ceatus CEO Dr. David Evans provides the remedy to practice’s Internet strategy blues The CEO of Ceatus Media Group, Dr. David Evans, pens a popular monthly column for Plastic Surgery Practice magazine which addresses a variety of Internet marketing topics that are important to premier elective healthcare practices. He…Read More…

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