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World-Renowned Bariatric Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

Lose the Weight AND Keep It Off with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It’s not just the number between our toes. It’s the monthly doctor’s visit, taking blood work only to find our health is deteriorating more and more… It’s daily medications and side effects… It’s the joint pain and stomach discomfort that can all be solved with a lifestyle transformation.

But despite all the new diets, exercise routines, and New Year’s resolutions, we can never reach that goal. We’re left exhausted, discouraged, and struggling to find any hope of weight loss transformations.

There may not be a “quick fix” for weight loss — but there is plenty of hope, thanks to Dr. Guillermo Alvarez. Affectionately called Dr. A by his patients, Dr. Alvarez is a world-renowned bariatric surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping individuals live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

Dr. A specializes in Bariatric Surgery, specifically the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG or gastric sleeve), and has helped over 17,800 patients lose a significant amount of excess weight and keep it off long term. With his expertise and dedicated team, this procedure reduces the stomach’s capacity, allowing patients to eat smaller meals and feel satiated sooner.