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Mark R. Mandel, MD discusses why you should choose us in San Jose and the Bay Area for your vision correction needs. We have top treatment plans for LASIK and premium cataract eye surgery.

San Jose and Bay Area LASIK and premium cataract surgeon Mark Mandel, MD, begins with a firm commitment to patient education and a meticulous clinical evaluation. “Our ultimate goal is to achieve the highest degree of patient satisfaction — while always focusing on safety — by adhering to the highest standards of quality fortified by decades of experience.”  Dr. Mandel and his team are able to provide unsurpassed treatment in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Mandel is proud to offer LASIK treatment throughout the Bay Area.

Our initial objective is to educate the patient, so that each individual has realistic expectations about vision correction treatment and can make an informed decision regarding laser vision correction or premium refractive laser-assisted cataract correction based on realistic expectations. We then strive to ensure that each patient achieves their best natural vision, whether it is with, All-Laser LASIK, or laser-assisted cataract surgery using premium lenses such as toric (astigmatism ), PanOptix, Vivity, Symfony or other high technology implants.