Publications 4

Torn in the USA

Evans, David W. “Torn in the USA” Plastic Surgery Practice, February 2014.

Description: Does new research out of the Netherlands on how patients choose surgeons apply to the US? Find out what they’ve discovered over the pond.

New Year, New Internet Marketing Strategy

Evans, David W. “New Year, New Internet Marketing Strategy” Plastic Surgery Practice, January 2014.

Description: There are the 4 marketing resolutions you can easily stick to in 2014. This unique makeover can make you into a social butterfly with a reputation for attending to your future/current patient’s needs. Who wouldn’t want that?

What is Content Marketing?

Evans, David W. “What is Content Marketing?” ESCRS Practice Management E-Newsletter, December 2013.

Description: According to Roper Public Affairs, 80% of business decision makers prefer to get information about a company from a series of articles rather than an ad. Is your marketing strategy up to par?

The Long and Short of It Long-tail Searches Cast a Small, but Tight Net

Evans, David W. “The Long and Short of It Long-tail Searches Cast a Small, but Tight Net” Plastic Surgery Practice, December 2013

Short Tail- “Breast Augmentation”
Long Tail- “Do Breast Implants Obscure Mammogram Findings?”
Which tail should you tell with your online content?

Why Pay More?

Evans, David W. “Why Pay More?” Plastic Surgery Practice, November 2013.

Description: When shopping for a marketing company you have three choices- good, quick, cheap- but you can only pick two. Find out which ones you should invest in and why.

Getting to Know You: Is Content Marketing the New SEO?

Evans, David W. “Getting to Know You: Is Content Marketing the New SEO?” Plastic Surgery Practice, October 2013.

Description: If you want to join in on the Internet Marketing SEO game you must play up your content. Read about effective content strategies that will increase your leads and traffic.

Over the Top

Evans, David W. “Over the Top” Plastic Surgery Practice, September 2013.

Description: When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Find out the 4 common offers that are too good to be true when it comes to hiring a SEO company.

The OWL Webinar: Marketing Your Business and Products with Social Media

Evans, Tammy and Wyant, Laura “The OWL Webinar: Marketing Your Business and Products with Social Media” Ophthalmology Business, September 2013.

Description: It’s a brave new (marketing) world out there. Learn from fearless marketing professionals the benefits, uses, and drawbacks of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Sponsored by Ophthalmic Women’s Leaders.

Does Your Website Suffer from “Linkitis”?

Evans, David W. “Does Your Website Suffer from “Linkitis”?” Plastic Surgery Practice, August 2013.

Description: Don’t let your website suffer from a case of bad links and content failure. Check your website’s vital signs and get the RX you need to nurse you website back to health.

Go Mobile or Go Home?

Evans, David W. “Go Mobile or Go Home?” Plastic Surgery Practice, July 2013.

Description: Should you jump on the mobile website bandwagon or wait on the sidelines? Find out your options in this ever-changing mobile migration.