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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Evans, David W. “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” Plastic Surgery Practice, September 2012.

Description: If you’re not sure you’re getting the return on investment that you were promised, it may be time to do a little due diligence. This article explains a simple way to check.

Is Google the New Yellow Pages?

Evans, David W. “Is Google the New Yellow Pages?” Plastic Surgery Practice, August 2012.

Description: The Internet landscape has changed dramatically in the past 18 months. This article explains why these changes have made Page 2 the new Page 1.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Evans, David W. “Don’t Believe the Hype,” Plastic Surgery Practice, July 2012.

Description: How do I choose an SEO company when they all say the same things? Dr. Evans devises a simple plan on how to choose an SEO company.

Are You (P)interested Yet? You Will Be Once You Read This Article

Evans, David W. “Are You (P)interested Yet? You Will Be Once You Read This Article,” Plastic Surgery Practice, June 2012.

Description: This article explores what this hot new media-sharing Web site can do for your online visibility.

Internet marketing Jargon: Decoded and Demystified

Evans, David W. “Internet marketing Jargon: Decoded and Demystified,” Plastic Surgery Practice, May 2012.

Description: This article provides easy-to-understand definitions of popular Internet marketing terms.

Why is My Website Outranked by That Newbie

Evans, David W. “Why is My Website Outranked by That Newbie,” Plastic Surgery Practice, April 2012.

Description: Dr. Evans answers some of your frequently asked questions about your Internet marketing strategy.

Is Your Practice Going Places?

Evans, David W. “Is Your Practice Going Places?,” Plastic Surgery Practice, March 2012.

Description: This article explains the importance of Google Places and how to do it right.

Choice Words

Evans, David W. “Choice Words,” Plastic Surgery Practice, February 2012.

Description: Since there are so many acronyms related to search engine marketing (SEM), this article explains what really matters.

New Year, New Strategy to Boost Your ROI

Evans, David W. “New Year, New Strategy to Boost Your ROI,” Plastic Surgery Practice, January 2012.

Description: The final piece in a three-part series, this article provides tips for boosting your return on investment (ROI).

Rebuttal: Is SEO Dead? Not by a Long Shot

Butler, Devin. “Rebuttal: Is SEO Dead? Not by a Long Shot,” Plastic Surgery Practice, December 2011.

Description: This article explains why search engine optimization continues to play an essential role in the marketing of your practice.

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