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Each day, 175 million people use the Internet. Eighty-four percent of the population has searched for medical information online, and 80 percent of them use search engines to begin their searches.*

Will they find your website? The reputation of your practice may depend on it. Prospective patients believe that practices that are easily found are more credible and more successful.

Ceatus SEO strategies ensure that your practice achieves the visibility needed to acquire highly targeted, qualified leads. Ceatus clients have the best rankings and highest traffic in their markets. Our SEO team has a proven track record of generating top rankings for highly competitive search terms and increasing traffic and leads for Ceatus clients.

More Leads For Your Medical Practice

How do we do it? Through credible content and design, strategic key word placement and effective programming, linking and citations. And we don’t stop there. The Ceatus SEO team studies the search engine’ changes daily and continually reviews your website to ensure that it is up to speed. Backed by the power of a Ceatus SEO strategy, you can rest assured that your practice website will be found by prospective patients.

Our results-oriented practices and procedures have made Ceatus a highly successful Internet marketing and consulting company. The key to our strength and success lies in our professional expertise, concierge services, and advanced project management practices. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to develop SEO strategies that generate results for your practice.

Our SEO services will maximize your practice website visibility and your Internet marketing ROI. You can trust Ceatus, the industry’s leading Internet marketing agency, to launch and optimize your practice website.

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Our expertise is widely recognized and Ceatus personnel are often invited to share our knowledge and lecture specifically about digital marketing at the major meetings worldwide. Why does this matter? Our unique qualifications and experiences allow us to offer proven strategies that deliver strong search engine placement, optimal lead generation and continued growth; even as online trends shift and technologies advance. Bottom line, we know how to help you connect with more patients online. Call us today to find out how we can help you reach more patients and grow your revenue!

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