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Providing Targeted, Qualified Leads

Each day 175 million people use the Internet. Eighty-four percent of the population has searched for medical information online, and 80 percent of them use search engines to begin their searches. Will they find your website? The reputation of your practice may depend on it. Prospective patients rely on search engines for information on plastic surgery procedures, and to back up word-of-mouth referrals. Those practices that are found easily appear more credible and more successful.


Our client renewal rate is sky-high for a reason: We do what we say we will do and generate more patients for your practice.

Your Connection to Patients

At Ceatus, we know what we're doing when it comes to lead generation. Our products and services generate tens of thousands of prospective patient leads per month.

Secret to Your Success

Our clients choose us because our team of experienced professionals has one mission: to focus on the success of the client. No other company does what we do. Period!

Your Strategy Perfected

Ceatus understands that traffic and rankings are important, but ROI and more patients are the real measures of success. Simply put, we deliver increased patient volume.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Trends and Your Bottom Line

Each year, more and more consumers turn to the Internet to search for medical treatment information. According to consumer research polls, they believe what they see. Potential patients place significant value on your practice’s Internet visibility, and on the quality of your website. And though it may be unfair, they equate the quality of your Internet presence and your online footprint with the quality of your practice.

At Ceatus, we create customized Internet marketing strategies to meet each client’s individual needs and goals. Our strategies produce highly targeted and qualified leads that ensure increased patient volume and practice revenue.

Experience and Success

For more than a decade Ceatus has been providing effective Internet marketing solutions to its clients. Our talented team of professionals includes marketing strategists, SEO specialists, social media experts, certified PPC managers, medical writers, software developers, designers, website analysts, IT experts and business development leaders. Our extensive experience allows us to create strategies that are tailored to the unique requirements of premier surgeons and dentists operating in today’s digital environment.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Ceatus employs a dedicated staff of specialists whose sole mission is to focus on serving you. Our client services team acts rapidly to address any online marketing issue and is always available to provide individualized, expert guidance to each Ceatus client.

Look Before You Leap!

At Ceatus, we firmly believe that our clients’ success is our success. Period. This is why we don’t have binding contracts. Before committing your practice future to another marketing company that feels the need to tie you up, first ask yourself why – and then speak to the top Internet marketing consultants at Ceatus Media Group.

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Our expertise is widely recognized and Ceatus personnel are often invited to share our knowledge and lecture specifically about digital marketing at the major meetings worldwide. Why does this matter? Our unique qualifications and experiences allow us to offer proven strategies that deliver strong search engine placement, optimal lead generation and continued growth; even as online trends shift and technologies advance. Bottom line, we know how to help you connect with more patients online. Call us today to find out how we can help you reach more patients and grow your revenue!

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