Tracking & Results

Analysis and Tracking

The field of Internet marketing is in constant flux, and as a result, real-time evaluation of your Internet marketing achievements is essential to your success. CEATUS is able to perfect your Internet marketing strategy thanks to our knowledge of what drives leads to your practice and our ability to assess where and when improvements are needed.

The CEATUS Formula

You know that your Internet marketing strategy is important, but maybe you don’t know which facets of your strategy are most effective and which features need to be included. CEATUS uses advanced technologies to accurately evaluate the source of your traffic and the effectiveness of your strategies using both Google analytics as well as our own proprietary tracking systems. But it doesn’t stop there. After your results are analyzed, CEATUS devises a well-thought-out plan to leverage your successes and to make timely adjustments where needed. The end result is that your Internet marketing activities are custom designed to maximize your ROI.

Don’t Fall Short: Use Analytics

With all the changes the search engines make to their algorithms, sometimes several times/day,it is critical to have data that is both timely and accurate. Where does this data come from? At CEATUS, we evaluate detailed statistics from a variety of sources to gather critical data about your visitors. A number of metrics are assessed and compared to both your previous data as well as industry data so that our experts can make the most informed, effective adjustments to your marketing campaign.

Tracking Your Leads

Tracking the source of your patient leads is one of the vitally important steps needed to evaluate the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. We track your data from the moment you become a client in order to maximize your ROI.

Comprehensive, Customized Reports

Good decisions can only be made if they are based on good data. We generate customized reports for our clients so that you can stay apprised of the current status of your investment. No other company in the industry offers the level of comprehensive reporting CEATUS does.

Why Play Detective? Let CEATUS Bring the Information to You

You should be able to spend your time with patients and in surgery, not chasing down leads. You can be assured that, while you’re busy building your practice, our team of professional analysts and experts in search engine optimization, marketing, social media and IT are protecting your investment.

We keep track of your most valuable asset: your potential patients. Rest easy with CEATUS — our results speak for themselves.