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Website Management

A Work in Progress

Both search engines and consumers favor well-maintained websites. From procedural information to patient photos, reviews and testimonials, Ceatus ensures seamless website maintenance, so you can focus on building your practice.

Web Hosting: Why You Need It

A web host is a server or computer where all your practice website’s files and graphics are housed. Only premium hosts, such as Ceatus, provide back-up services. This ensures that your site’s “up time” is maximized and that your site has security protection necessary to avoid being hacked. Our clients’ websites are placed on servers where there are a limited number of other websites, which aids in search engine optimization, site security and in website load times. Also, only Ceatus client websites are backed up every few days, every week and every month, so that changes to your site are systematically archived, and an exact copy of the site is always available for rapid deployment.

Choosing an Email Service Provider

As a premium healthcare practice, you need a premium email hosting provider that offers a full range of protected email services. At Ceatus, we offer deluxe benefits, custom configurations and are able to maintain, without interruption, a large number of accounts. Our services include support in setting up email for your office staff, spam prevention systems, back-up of previous emails and email security so that your system does not get infiltrated.

World-class IT Services

What does it take to provide world-class hosting and technologically advanced website maintenance? The answer is Ceatus. Our software engineers and webmasters perform all the functions required to ensure that every aspect of your website is rock-solid, from the server to the user interface. We ensure 24/7 availability by providing online and taped backup of your website. At your request, we can even assist with your email configuration through a remote connection. The bottom line: We do it all.

Program Your Future for Success

The right technology at the right time is the right answer. We use a variety of advanced design software, analytic and tracking programs, and IT hosting and email programs to ensure that your website remains a dynamic, productive component of your marketing arsenal.

Concierge Website Management

You need to know that your website is up-to-date and available. Who do you trust to make sure it is? For more information, contact Ceatus today.

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