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Content Marketing

Content Marketing: Building Your Brand the Easy Way

In recent years, consumers and search engines have become more discerning. Consumers no longer flatly accept one word-of-mouth recommendation. They want to know why you are unique and why they should consider you over your competitors. The search engines want to provide the most unique and compelling resources to their users. In essence, both are looking for quality.

Content marketing is the key to creating a perception of quality among your current and prospective patients. Higher perceived quality = better search engine visibility, higher conversion and more patient volume!

Build Your Brand

At Ceatus, we develop unique content that ensures that your website, blog, social media and other content platforms engage the search engines and your visitors. At the same time, we make sure that your content reflects the quality of your practice.

Our experienced healthcare writers and editors focus on meaningful information about your practice, your procedures and your skills; by doing so, we help facilitate your connection with prospective patients. Each content platform offers unique opportunities to captivate your audience. From your website, where your authoritative content establishes you as the expert; to your social media platforms, where you and your staff’s personality, humor and intellectual curiosity is showcased; to blogs, where unique and interesting articles captivate potential patients; to reviews, where you build social trust; to email newsletters, where patients are updated with news and new treatment offerings at your practice, Ceatus content ensures that your current and potential patients are engaged and committed to you.

Blog – Future Patients Delivered

Your practice blog serves as a window into your practice. At Ceatus, we provide expertly written and easily searchable content that allows prospective patients to learn about the details of your background and your practice, as well as the treatments you offer and your successes. We tailor your content strategy to your practice so that you are able to attract traffic to your blog and, ultimately, your practice website.

Blog posts should be more than a regurgitation of procedural information. Blog content must be unique and provide specific and engaging information about the topic area, thus setting you apart as an expert in the field and providing the opportunity for your website to be found on the search engines for terms unique to your blog posts. Ceatus blog strategies hone in on a wide range of search terms, thus attracting an ever-growing team of patients to your practice and creating a need for patients and prospective patients to return and learn more.

Social Media is… Social

When people want to learn about procedures, they turn to the Internet. Ultimately, they will base their decision on others’ encouraging experiences. Social media content creates online avenues and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, positive results and perspectives with each other. Building engagement between you and your patients and expanding your reach are the keys to social media success. At Ceatus, we have the resources, experience and expertise to develop premium social media content that will help your practice build engagement and create dialogue about your practice’s successes.

As with blogging, regurgitation of procedural information or daily specials will not build engagement or connect patients to your practice. Social media strategies must look beyond the superficial layer and appeal to the everyday social interests of your patients and prospective patients, not just their immediate potential treatment needs. Ceatus social media strategies build long-term bonds within your patient pool and encourage your followers to share your engaging content with others.

Email Marketing – Reach Out

Whereas social media and blogging create content that attracts patients to your website or social media platforms, email marketing reaches out to patients proactively and directly. Emailing new information about treatments, procedures, specials and general education keeps you, your services and your practice fresh in consumers’ minds.

Ceatus email marketing strategies offer unique, compelling content and stunning designs that grab the attention of your followers and keep them educated about your offerings and expertise. We offer turnkey packages that continually, proactively and engagingly reach out to your patient base and increase patient volume.

Reviews – The New Form of Advertising

Reviews have become a dominant consumer platform for social trust and validation. When used properly, they have the potential to be a revolutionary, transformative form of advertising for your practice.

Reviews have turned the process of buying on its head. As never before, consumers use other patients’ comments about you to make their buying decisions. Health care practices that capitalize on these resources gain an immediate and strategic advantage in the marketplace.

At Ceatus, we offer unique reviews services which educate our clients about what is being written about them online and facilitates the increase of positive comments being posted about them in high volume. Proactivity is the key to using reviews to increase patient volume. Ceatus makes it easy for you and your practice to be proactive by providing comprehensive reporting, evaluation and action items to maximize the value of your online reputation.

Our Expertise, Your Inspiration

You have a lot to say to your current and prospective patients. Your practice philosophy, your experience and the procedures you offer are just some of the factors that are influential in determining whether a patient becomes or remains engaged. Our experienced content development teams specialize in defining what is required to provide genuine information while simultaneously presenting your marketing message, thus ensuring that your content is positioned to captivate your audience. Skillful content marketing will enhance consumers’ perception of your practice and build patient volume.

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