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Getting Online Patient Reviews- Rod Solar Live Webcast Interview

A well-known London-based ophthalmology practice management consultant, Rod Solar, conducted a live webcasted interview with CEATUS CEO David Evans, Phd, MBA, to find out more about what makes CEATUS’ Review Manager program so successful, as well as the potential impact it could have in the UK and Europe. In the interview, Dr Evans touches on the importance of reviews for healthcare practices, including detailed information about reputation management and how to implement an effective reviews strategy in a healthcare practice.

David Evans’ Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2016 “Reviews Strategy” Recap

Dr David Evans, our CEO, gave a number of presentations at the recent Las Vegas Cosmetic Meeting in June 2016. The presentation that received the most interest included detailed information about reputation management and how to implement an effective reviews strategy in an aesthetic practice. The presentation was considered one of the highlights of the meeting and Dr Evans was asked to share his “pearls” with a video recap.

Daily Coverage Video- Caribbean Eye 2016 “Dress for Success: Online Images Count”

Dr David Evans, CEO of CEATUS Media Group, gave a “standing-room” only presentation in the practice management session at the recent Caribbean Eye Meeting. The title of the presentation was “Dress for Success: Online Images Count,” and the focus was on Reviews Management. After his presentation, Dr Evans was interviewed by Dr Craig Piso about the importance of Reviews and how they are related to the overall surgeon and practice online presence and social media.

AACD 2015 Presentation “Internet Marketing for the Premium Cosmetic Dentistry Practice”

In his AACD presentation, “Internet Marketing for the Premium Cosmetic Dentistry Practice,” CEATUS CEO David Evans, PhD, discusses how to achieve practice-building SEO, website design, content management, and reputation management. He also addresses how to employ these strategies to maximize your Internet marketing ROI.

David Evans’ ACES/SEE Caribbean Eye 2015 Presentation “Maximizing Online Strategies for Patient Acquisition”

Dr David Evans – CEO of CEATUS Media Group – was asked to speak about Internet marketing at the 2015 Caribbean Eye ACES/SEE Meeting held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His well-received presentation was selected as one of the “Highlights in Review,” and was the only non-clinical presentation to receive such distinction from the meeting. A video of the presentation is now featured on the meeting website:

Dr Evans’ presentation, “Maximizing Online Strategies for Patient Acquisition,” outlines how consumers now use online resources to evaluate elective health care procedures and to select a doctor to perform the procedure. Dr. Evans pointed out that in today’s Internet-centric world; online practice visibility defines the consumer’s perception of quality.