Testaments to Results

With a renewal rate of 95%, CEATUS is the industry leader in Internet Marketing. We are dedicated to creating and implementing the ideal Internet marketing campaign for your premium practice. Hundreds of medical professionals rely on our concierge Internet marketing strategies and sophisticated maintenance services. Shouldn’t you be one of them?

“I have been very impressed with the continuous high rankings that CEATUS is able to achieve on Google for their online publication, Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery®. Their key word rankings for all the important Bariatric Surgery words plus local market rankings is quite an achievement. This is greatly increasing my practice Internet visibility.”
David Davtyan, MD, FACS, FICS · Bariatric Surgeon · Beverly Hills, CA

“The CEATUS Portals provide excellent consumer information specifically geared toward the elective health care patient. Through top ranking on the search engines they provide great lead generation and visibility for our clients.”
Keith Humes, CEO · Rosemont Media, LLC

“For years, CEATUS has been invaluable in designing my Internet marketing campaign. Additionally, my listing in Consumer Guide to Dentistry® has become a valuable source of quality new patients. CEATUS SEO services have generated a steady stream of high quality patients. I am confident that the new website CEATUS is designing for my practice will be even more effective. I have no doubt that working with CEATUS has created a great return on my marketing investment, and I can, without reservation, recommend CEATUS very highly!”
Richard Champagne, DMD, MAGD · Cosmetic Dentist · Morganville, NJ

“CEATUS has done a much better job for us than our previous website marketing and SEO companies. The SEO work is very good and responsiveness is quick and efficient. I recommend them highly.”
Joe King, MD · LASIK Surgeon · Vancouver, BC

“I am listed in the CEATUS Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery® Internet directory. I have tried other Internet marketing services and there is no comparison. The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery® directory and CEATUS website SEO services have significantly enhanced my practice revenue. CEATUS provides incredible Internet visibility.”
D.W. Hause, MD, FACS · Plastic Surgeon · Sacramento, CA

“CEATUS SEO services have significantly increased visitors to my practice website. Because of this, even in an economic downturn, we have experienced no decrease in surgical consults with resulting surgeries. Even more amazing is that surgical fees from website generated surgeries have increased by 60% compared to last year!”
George Sanders, MD · Plastic Surgeon · Encino, CA

“Everyone today understands the importance of having a significant internet presence. While word of mouth is still a great form of marketing, the internet can make or break you faster than a pool of satisfied patients that has taken you years to create. But a good website is not enough. You have to be linked in with a company that specializes in powerful search engine optimization tools so that you and your website can actually be found with high page rankings. This is critical not only for capturing a broader geographic base of patients but to be found for your areas of expertise as well. In addition, you have to take control of your web reputation, lest some of your patients do it for you! Having worked with local one-man companies and closet internet specialists for years, I achieved less web success than I wanted. Having been with CEATUS for nearly two years, I have zoomed to the top of page rankings using their expertise and guidance. I have learned that there is no quick fix to developing a strong internet presence. But without specialty expertise that CEATUS provides, more time will still not get you there.”
Barry Eppley, MD, DMD · Plastic Surgeon · Indianapolis, IN

“I think they do a fantastic job… I have been extremely pleased.”
Josh Greenwald, MD, FACS · Plastic Surgeon · New York, NY

“That is awesome!!! You guys are doing a great job. So far we have seen an increase in patients emailing us and actually coming in for visits. Hopefully our new patients will go up from this and overall production will go up. Too bad we didn’t make the switch in the beginning.”
John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE · Cosmetic Dentist · Southern NJ

“In two years, CEATUS has helped take my business from a start up to a dream practice despite a down economy. From website design, directory listings and SEO services to evaluating other marketing opportunities, CEATUS offers comprehensive marketing and successful long term strategies using proven techniques. I appreciate the referrals that The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery® directory generates.”
Charles Perry, MD · Plastic Surgeon · Sacramento, CA

“The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery® has been the most productive of the many web portals to which I subscribe. No other referral agency provides such comprehensive service, including staff training webinars and realistic and useful marketing tips. Most health care providers understand that they need an internet presence, but we are inundated by offers from so many companies. Having tried just about all of them, there is no question in my mind that CEATUS has been the most useful for me. The customer service is quick and responsive, the internet rankings are high, and their referrals have easily paid for the cost of the service.”
Daniel N. Ronel, MD, FAAP, FACS · Plastic Surgeon · Santa Fe, NM

“I think the listing is doing quite well. I have to tell you that I have dropped most of my higher priced directory listings as I feel only Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery® is still performing. I think you guys are doing a great job!”
Evan S. Sorokin, MD · Plastic Surgeon · Cherry Hill, NJ

“It has been a great pleasure working with CEATUS Media Group. Our website has gone from being invisible on the web to the top 3 on Google searches in just a matter of months. Thank you for all hard work at CEATUS Media Group for taking our website to the top!”
Thomas Umbach, MD, FACS · Bariatric Surgeon · Las Vegas, NV

“My experience with CEATUS has been excellent. In 6 weeks, they took me from the 13th page of Google to the 1st. Needless to say, my Internet inquiry volume has skyrocketed which I feel was primarily responsible for a double digit increase in revenues over 2008. Their customer service is top notch. Problems are addressed. They regularly check in and make suggestions to improve my SEO. I have recommended them to several of my former co-residents. I can strongly recommend CEATUS without reservation. I only wish all of my vendors were this user friendly and my other advertising vehicles this effective.”
Lee Corbett, MD · Plastic Surgeon · Louisville, KY

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