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Why Choose Us?

Our clients choose us because our team of experienced professionals; from our SEO experts to our writers, editors, webmasters and designers has one mission – to focus on the success of the client. No company does what we do!! Period!!

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No Contract

Only Ceatus offers services without a contract. Ceatus clients are happy or we fix it. No so-called “iron-clad” contracts to trap the client and hold the website hostage.

You Own It

Only Ceatus transfers all ownership of the website to you, our client. All website content, programming, design, graphics and photo gallery presentation software are owned by the client. No strings attached!

Easy to Transfer

All Ceatus websites are easy to transfer with no hidden restrictions. Your websites are not held hostage with complicated or “homegrown” content management systems or obscure website programming languages.

Dominant Rankings, Increased Traffic and Customer Focus – Beyond ROI

ROI means Return On Investment — how much revenue you generate from increased surgical volume compared to your online marketing investment. Only Ceatus provides both dominant rankings and an undivided focus on practice online marketing ROI. Ceatus understands that traffic and rankings are important, but ROI and more patients are the real measure of success. We deliver increased patient volume, period!!

Conversion and Tracking Results

At Ceatus, we know what we’re doing when it comes to lead generation. Our portals and clients generate more than 10,000 prospective patient leads per month, and this number is growing. We are fully committed to delivering patients from the Internet to your practice – one search at a time.

Each feature of our directories, website design and search engine optimization is designed with one thought in mind, to get patients to contact your practice by email or phone. Emails are stored in a secure database and all phone calls occur through a call tracking number — both at no cost to you, our client.

Only Ceatus performs 100% of the tracking necessary to determine if your lead conversion is working. We perform the time-consuming tasks of reviewing each email lead and listening to recordings of each phone call (with the approval of and as requested by the client) to determine exactly how many leads are the direct result of Ceatus’ commitment to conversion. You can be sure that Ceatus conversion reports represent real leads.

It’s All In House…With the Focus on You

Only Ceatus has all in-house writers and webmasters with specific experience in health care and a 100% focus on your elective health care practice.

Dedicated Team for Customer Service

Only Ceatus offers a dedicated staff of specialists whose sole mission is to focus on customer service. Our Client Services Team acts rapidly to address any online marketing issue and is always available to provide individualized expert guidance to each Ceatus client.

Renewal Rate Exceeds 95%

Only Ceatus has a renewal rate that exceeds 95%. Our client renewal rate is high for a reason: We do what we say we will do and generate more patients for your practice.

Look Before You Leap!!

Before signing a restrictive contract and committing your marketing future to another company, speak to the top Internet Marketing Consultants at Ceatus Media Group.

How Does the Competition Measure Up to Ceatus?

Simple Questions to Ask Your Prospective Online Marketing Company

  1. Do they specialize in your elective area of health care?
  2. Do they offer exclusivity?
  3. Do they require a contract?
  4. Who owns the content and design of the website?
  5. Can their websites be easily modified by another webmaster or transferred to any hosting company?
  6. Can they show you samples of their clients who rank well in competitive markets for competitive key terms?
  7. Do they farm out the design and content, or is it in-house?
  8. Do they offer a service to listen to the phone calls and review each email lead?
  9. Do they support your societies and organizations through exhibiting and sponsorship?
  10. Do they make it easy to contact your practice through email, website visit or phone number on their directory listings, or do potential patients only have the option of email through their site?
  11. Do they provide testimonials for your review? Can you call or email the individual who provided the testimonial?

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Our expertise is widely recognized and Ceatus personnel are often invited to share our knowledge and lecture specifically about digital marketing at the major meetings worldwide. Why does this matter? Our unique qualifications and experiences allow us to offer proven strategies that deliver strong search engine placement, optimal lead generation and continued growth; even as online trends shift and technologies advance. Bottom line, we know how to help you connect with more patients online. Call us today to find out how we can help you reach more patients and grow your revenue!

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