Publications 7

Measuring ROI for Dummies

Evans, David W. “Measuring ROI for Dummies,” Plastic Surgery Practice, December 2011.

Description: The second in a three-part series, this article looks at ways to determine the return on your investment in Internet marketing.

ROI 101

Evans, David W. “ROI 101,” Plastic Surgery Practice, November 2011.

Description: The first in a three-part series, this article outlines the basics of Internet marketing ROI.

Total Online Recall

Evans, David W. “Total Online Recall,” Plastic Surgery Practice, September 2011.

Description: This article explains “The Google Effect” and tells you what you need to do to address it.

Deal or No Deal?

Evans, David W. “Deal or No Deal?” Plastic Surgery Practice, August 2011.

Description: The do’s and don’ts of daily deals.

In Pursuit of Positive Online Ratings

Evans, David W. “In Pursuit of Positive Online Ratings,” Plastic Surgery Practice, July 2011.

Description: This article tells you how to handle online patient reviews.

Bringing Up the Rear

Evans, David W. “Bringing Up the Rear,” Plastic Surgery Practice, June 2011.

Description: This article discusses the importance of having strong back-end software for your website.

SEO and Social Media – Together at Last

Evans, David W. “SEO and Social Media – Together at Last,” Plastic Surgery Practice, May 2011.

Description: Social media outlets and SEO are both powerful marketing tools, but they’re more effective when used in tandem. This article explains why.

Who Really Owns Your Web Site?

Evans, David W. “Who Really Owns Your Web Site?” Plastic Surgery Practice, March 2011.

Description: Do you own your website? Maybe not. This article provides you with a list of steps you can take to answer this critical question.

Google Matters – a Lot

Evans, David W. “Google Matters – a Lot,” Plastic Surgery Practice, February 2011.

Description: In this article, Dr. Evans explains why Google is so important to your practice. Next, he outlines three key steps you can take to make sure your website is found, and that it appeals to potential patients.

The Internet’s Role in the Premium Practice

Bergmann Koury, Conni. “The Internet’s Role in the Premium Practice,” Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today, April 2010.

Description: This article explains why today’s medical practice needs a robust online presence, and how this can be achieved.