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Sticky Notes- What is Your Website’s “Stickiness” Quotient?

Evans, David W. “Sticky Notes – What is Your Website’s “Stickiness” Quotient?” Plastic Surgery Practice, June 2013.

Description: What make a practice website sticky (how long users stay on your page)? For starters, unique content, testimonials and before-and-after photos. Check out this article to see if your website has the elements to retain visitors.

Vanishing Act: Is Your Website Vulnerable to the Latest Google Changes?

Evans, David W. “Vanishing Act: Is Your Website Vulnerable to the Latest Google Changes?” Plastic Surgery Practice, May 2013.

Description: Google freezes over with new Penguin update that targets websites that contain unnatural and manipulative links. Find out how you can avoid being hit by this chilling penalty.

What do you mean, I don’t own my website?

Evans, David W. “What do you mean, I don’t own my website?” Ophthalmology Times, April 2013.

Description: Don’t get locked out of your website investment. Asking a few questions up front can guarantee your website is and stays your own.

Spread Your Spend

Evans, David W. “Spread Your Spend” Plastic Surgery Practice, April 2013.

Description: Diversification is key to any Internet marketing strategy. You’ve got choices on where you can be visible online, see what strategies are recommended.

Follow the Leader: Lead Tracking 101

Evans, David W. “Follow the Leader: Lead Tracking 101” Plastic Surgery Practice, March 2013.

Description: You have to be in it to win it, and when it comes to marketing; online is where it’s at. So how can you tell if your online marketing strategies are producing the results you’re looking for? It’s all about smart lead tracking.

All Eyes on Google

Evans, David W. “All Eyes on Google” Plastic Surgery Practice, February 2013.

Description: For now, Google visibility is the focus on any Internet marketing strategy. But for how long? This article explores Google’s constantly changing algorithms.

No More Auld Lang Syne

Evans, David W. “No More Auld Lang Syne” Plastic Surgery Practice, January 2013.

Description: Here are four New Year’s resolutions guaranteed to boost your Internet presence in 2013.

Answered! The Best of Your 2012 Internet Marketing Questions

Evans, David W. “Answered! The Best of Your 2012 Internet Marketing Questions” Plastic Surgery Practice, December 2012.

Description: If you’re not sure you’re getting the return on investment that you were promised, it may be time to do a little due diligence. This article explains a simple way to check.

Say Cheese! Google’s New Authorship Program

Evans, David W. “Say Cheese! Google’s New Authorship Program” Plastic Surgery Practice, November 2012.

Description: Have you seen that picture of your competitor? If you haven’t, you can bet your prospective patients have. This article explains how you can make your photo appear in Google searches.

Turning Clicks into Consultations

Nataloni, Rochelle. “Turning Clicks into Consultations,” Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today, September 2012.

Description: This article focuses on rethinking your approach to Internet marketing and provides tips on how to ensure that your eye-catching website has a comprehensive SEO strategy to back it up.

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