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Here is the latest industry news at your finger tips. Be sure to stay informed about today’s recent developments and the hottest industry trends.

RIP Net Neutrality?

Evans, David W. “RIP Net Neutrality?” Modern Aesthetics, January/February 2018.

Description: The FCC’s recent controversial ruling to end net neutrality has generated lots of questions about how the repeal will change the internet. Last month our CEO, Dr David Evans, was asked to comment on the impact as it relates to elective health care web strategies, particularly for aesthetic medicine in the Jan/Feb 2018 of Modern Aesthetics.

The Art of Removing a Negative Review

Evans, David W. “The Art of Removing a Negative Review.” Ophthalmology Management, November 2017.

Description: Since premium healthcare practices usually see a high volume of patients, it’s inevitable that every practice (and surgeon) will receive a negative review at some point. In this article, Dr. Evans notes the key components in combating negative reviews, tips on how to remove them, and ways to keep emotions to a minimum.

How to Attract Millennials to Your Practice

Evans, David W. “How to Attract Millennials to Your Practice.” Ophthalmology Times, August 2017.,0

Description: Millennials represent a rapidly growing segment of the buying population for vision correction/elective surgery. But, this group of buyers is hard to reach and hard to keep engaged. This article outlines the five key things a practice needs to do to capture this group as patients.

Rethinking the YP in Marketing Plans

Evans, David W. “Rethinking the YP in Marketing Plans.” Ophthalmology Management, January 2017.

Description: There existed a time when the buying decision process for prospective eye-care patients was one dimensional. A potential patient would receive a word-of-mouth referral or see a promotion, look the practice up in the Yellow Pages (YP) and then call. But in today’s often exhausting digital environment, the dynamic is much different. These patients are using online resources to make their buying decisions. The question now is not whether to cut investment in YP, but how to best distribute these funds among other marketing platforms.

Don’t Let Sunk Costs Sink You

Evans, David W. “Don’t Let Sunk Costs Sink You.” Plastic Surgery Practice, April 2016.

Description: In today’s difficult economic environment, many digital marketing companies are much better at getting you to sign a restrictive contract and getting your money than they are at delivering high-quality online visibility and increased practice revenue. Their business model is based entirely on the assumption that a surgeon or dentist that thinks he or she is locked into a contract will just sit and take the punishment. There are ways to avoid getting stuck or if you are currently stuck in this trap, ways to get out.

Revealed: Your Winning Online Review Strategy

Evans, David W. “Revealed: Your Winning Online Review Strategy.” Modern Aesthetics, March/April 2016.

Description: The days of ignoring online reviews and wishing them away are over. Every practice needs a strategy to monitor, address, and accrue positive reviews and leverage them for increased revenue.

Keeping Track: Defining One’s Tracking Efforts is an Important Aspect of ROI

Evans, David W. “Keeping Track: Defining One’s Tracking Efforts is an Important Aspect of ROI.” Plastic Surgery Practice, February 2016.

Description: Many surgeons think that due to the digital nature and the wealth of statistics, tracking has become easier. Naught! Tracking has gotten a lot harder. Patients now do their own research in ways you cannot control. Fortunately, technology advancements can offset the difficulties in tracking the many ways consumers research your practice online.

The Real Reason Mobile-Friendliness Matters: The Answer Is Not What You Think It Is

Evans, David W. “The Real Reason Mobile-Friendliness Matters: The Answer Is Not What You Think It Is.” Plastic Surgery Practice, January 2016.

Description: If mobile users can’t find the information they need, they’re gone. The question is no longer whether you should convert to a responsive format, but rather how you can make sure you are giving current and prospective patients the right mobile experience.

The Internet Marketing Year in Review: Four Lessons We Learned in 2015

Evans, David W. “The Internet Marketing Year in Review: Four Lessons We Learned in 2015.” Plastic Surgery Practice, December 2015.

Description: What Internet marketing lessons did we learn in 2015? Find out what they are and what they mean for your search engine marketing plan.

Cover Your Assets: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Central Cloud-Based Web Assets

Evans, David W. “Cover Your Assets: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Central Cloud-Based Web Assets.” Plastic Surgery Practice, November 2015.

Description: In recent years, more and more Internet marketing companies have decided to manage their clients’ websites and other online assets via central cloud- or web-based systems. While these platforms have certain benefits, they also have their drawbacks. Find out the pros and cons of central cloud-based web assets.

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