BECA Center in Destin Launches New Website

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BECA Center, a world-class plastic surgery clinic has recently announced the launch of their new website. The site was designed with patients in mind, with information more easily available and user friendly. The design is part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy to increase awareness of BECA Center in the Destin, Florida market.

Several surgical and non-surgical procedures are available at BECA to help patients with their confidence and overall self-esteem. The surgeons of BECA specialize in various areas, including the face, body and breasts. Specialty procedures for men and women are available, from surgical breast enhancement to male breast reduction. The goal is to make plastic surgery available to anyone seeking an improvement to their appearance. Educational information regarding all of the procedures offered can be found on the website.

Hesitant patients can browse through the before and after photo gallery to see images of actual patients who underwent a surgical or non-surgical procedure at BECA. The site also features detailed reviews and testimonials on what patients are saying about their procedures and the practice. BECA strives to make plastic surgery affordable to anyone, which is why they offer competitive pricing as well as great financing resources. BECA is a highly sought-after practice in the Destin area and even around the world. Patients who choose to fly in for their procedure can locate travel information on their site as well as make arrangements a bit easier.

Founder Scott Ennis, MD has taken a group of experienced surgeons and brought them all together under one roof to form a world-class practice. BECA’s surgeons express great attention to detail in their work which allows them to achieve the most natural looking results. With some of the top surgeons in the world and state-of-the-art technology, patients can feel confident in their decision to undergo treatment at BECA Center.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures offered by BECA, or if you simply have a question for one of their staff members, call (866) 364-2623 or visit today to schedule an appointment.