Beverly Hills Nose Surgeon Dr. Ghavami Launches Rhinoplasty-Specific Website

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Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a noted Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon, is pleased to announce the launch of – a rhinoplasty-specific website that was built in partnership with Ceatus Media Group to provide current and prospective nose surgery patients with more focused information on the procedure. The new website features many pages of highly informative and detailed content to help patients gain a better understanding of their nose surgery options with Dr. Ghavami. contains information on the various types of nose surgery performed by Dr. Ghavami, including revision rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty for teens and ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. Since Dr. Ghavami has unique training in ethnic rhinoplasty, the new website places an emphasis on the many kinds of ethnic rhinoplasty offered at his practice, including Hispanic rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty, Middle-Eastern rhinoplasty and African-American rhinoplasty.

The website also features an expansive photo gallery containing before and after photos of some of Dr. Ghavami’s former patients. By browsing the photo gallery, users will be able to better visualize their own rhinoplasty results and provide Dr. Ghavami with greater direction regarding their desired results.

About Dr. Ashkan Ghavami

Dr. Ghavami is a highly reputable Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon who has been serving the aesthetic needs of the community for many years. Dr. Ghavami received his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin and received further training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a plastic surgery resident. As a leader in plastic surgery, Dr. Ghavami is often called to lecture at national medical conferences.

If you are considering rhinoplasty with Dr. Ghavami, please contact his practice at (310) 275-1959 or visit