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Challenge: Dr. Jones is a board certified plastic surgeon whose focus is three primary breast procedures. He wanted to brand himself and create more visibility as a breast specialist in his market and nationally.

Solution: CEATUS created a separate procedure-specific website focusing on three primary breast procedures (augmentation, lift and revision) to make it clear to the consumer that Dr. Jones has specific training, skills and experience in these areas. The site was launched in February 2013. CEATUS designed Dr. Jones’s new site to position him as one of the top breast surgeons in the country. In addition to creating an aesthetically attractive design, CEATUS paid specific attention to highlighting his augmentation, lift and revision before and after photos and real patient stories on the home page. In addition, an extensive gallery was created where Dr. Jones could display his work. The new site, which also included fresh, detailed content, was created from the ground up to be search-engine friendly.

Results: Google and other search engines quickly recognized Dr. Jones’s new site as a valuable consumer resource for breast surgery information. Now both of Dr. Jones’s sites rank well locally for breast-related search terms. When his new site was launched, the traffic to his main site was about 2,900 visitors per month. One year later, his two sites collectively receive about 4,500 visitors per month. Because Dr. Jones’s new site has branded him as a breast specialist, it supplements his main site by gaining breast-related traffic he otherwise would not receive. The aesthetic design, photos, patient stories and content, combined with the rapidly growing traffic, have added to Dr. Jones’s reputation as a leading expert on breast surgery.