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CEATUS “mobilizes” high-ranking website to launch LASIK practice’s expansion into premium cataract markets

Background: Laser Eye Center has a very successful eye practice with nine locations in the Los Angeles area. Although the practice was originally LASIK-only, they recently added cataract surgery and premium IOLs to their offerings. They had been a CEATUS client for many years, namely investing in our search engine optimization services and listings in the All About Vision Directory, both of which continue to create a high number of leads from the Internet.

Challenge: They wanted to upgrade their Web presence by creating a new online image that would attract not only the younger LASIK audience (millennials), but also expand their presence into the cataract market and attract patients who have an interest in advanced cataract surgery.

Solution: Laser Eye Center contracted with CEATUS to create a new website that would be visually stunning and mobile friendly while retaining their excellent Google rankings in the Los Angeles area. Their expanded new website went live before the end of 2014, as planned. Laser Eye Center burst into the New Year with an attractive, successful, state-of-the-art new site. All of this was achieved without sacrificing the dominant first-page Google rankings they had for a wide range of terms – in fact, they have achieved dominant rankings for their new markets as well.