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Dr. Traci Temmen, one of Tampa’s leading plastic surgeons, was referred to CEATUS by a colleague. Dr. Temmen understood the important role that an effective online marketing strategy could play in accomplishing her business objectives. Unfortunately, her previous digital marketing company came up short; both in providing her with good visibility (which made it difficult for patients to find her) as well as failing to establish a cohesive branding and identity for her practice.


Dr. Temmen’s online footprint and branding were not commensurate with her expertise in a wide spectrum of plastic surgery procedures; her outstanding reputation in her community; or the rave reviews she receives from patients. A primary challenge was that Dr. Temmen was part of a larger private plastic surgery center, which made it difficult for her to stand out individually online. Dr. Temmen wanted her own branding and greater visibility to prospective patients. As an all-encompassing plastic surgeon, she wanted to generate more leads for a variety of procedures, including those from rhinoplasty and breast procedures.


To accomplish her online marketing goals, Dr. Temmen turned to a trusted colleague, who in turn recommended that she go with CEATUS. Interestingly, this colleague is currently unable to take advantage of most of CEATUS’ services because he is locked into a contract with a different digital marketing company. However, he is able to use the CEATUS Reviews manager and is thrilled with the positive exposure it provides. It is a great testament to the quality of service Dr. Temmen’s colleague receives from CEATUS that he recommended CEATUS over the company that is currently performing (unsuccessfully) his other digital marketing needs.

Dr. Temmen’s website had very little visibility; and for those who did make it to her website, it was uninviting. As a result, it failed to bring in new patients. So, the first step CEATUS took was to rework her website from an SEO perspective as well as from a better consumer experience so that prospective patients would find Dr. Temmen’s site – the end result being exceptional patient conversion. In addition, as part of a full-court-press approach to secure organic traffic, CEATUS performed extensive offsite work to build authority and trust for Dr. Temmen’s site. CEATUS created numerous citations — a powerful tool that signals to Google that a website is legitimate, credible and trustworthy — on relevant and highly authoritative websites.


CEATUS’ tactical decisions paid off immediately. In addition to quickly achieving a strong online brand identity and brand authority, Dr. Temmen was able to capture the attention of patients seeking a surgeon of her caliber. Currently, she dominates the first page of Google results for 90 percent of the most important keywords in her industry and location. Even more remarkable is the fact that 80 percent of her target keywords rank in the top three Google results. In just the past year, Dr. Temmen’s organic search traffic has increased by 275%, with an astronomical increase in email leads of 200%, thanks to CEATUS’ expert strategy and implementation.

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