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Crazy Yelper on the Loose?

CEATUS has got you covered

Background: CEATUS offers a comprehensive strategy for online reviews which includes monitoring reviews, tools to help solicit positive reviews and a method to publish reviews onto your practice website(s). Offering this comprehensive package has put our staff members in the mix of dealing with client reviews and has created an in-depth understanding of the reviews landscape. This expertise has come in handy on numerous occasions.

Challenge: This month’s case study focuses on an Eye Surgery clinic in the western U.S. Last month, our client happened to be traveling to San Diego and planned to visit our offices to review their SEO performance and practice growth, and to discuss the steps of their strategy for the next 12 months. One day before arriving at our office, a “crazy” reviewer placed a highly negative and untrue review about the clinic’s eye surgeon on Yelp. By the time our client arrived, her sole focus was this crazy Yelper and the impact of these negative reviews.

Solution: (This part is amazing.) Our staff had, as part of our regular service, been monitoring the client’s reviews and so we were aware of the issue. The client was en route to San Diego, so we had not yet discussed it with her. When she arrived, our SEO expert had already evaluated the review and had developed a plan for how to respond. In just minutes, while our client sat in the conference room, the response was finalized, based on the Yelp guidelines. Within 15 minutes, the review was taken down by Yelp, right in front of our eyes. Of course, these “crazy” reviewers are often relentless and will continue their activities. So, it was no surprise that this Yelper submitted another review the next day. On it! Our staff immediately responded, again citing the Yelp quality guidelines, and the new review was also removed.

Result: CEATUS’ combination of expertise and customer service immediately solved the client’s issue and protected her online footprint. Obviously, rating sites operate independently, and removing a Yelp review cannot be guaranteed in every situation. However, in order to perform at the highest level in the ultra-competitive markets we operate in, Ceatus’ superior expertise and customer focus is essential.