Dr. Joshua Greenwald, Plastic Surgeon, Westchester County, NY

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To Blog or Not to Blog, There is No Question

Blogging skyrockets this well-known plastic surgeons email inquires

Background: Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a well-known plastic surgeon from Westchester County who practices in Harrison and Manhattan. He has been a client of CEATUS for more than six years. By working with CEATUS, he has achieved dominant search engine rankings for the most competitive, high-volume search terms in New York City, such as “breast augmentation.”

Challenge: But Dr. Greenwald wanted to continue to extend his online reach. Research shows that while the highly competitive terms are important, the lower-volume, so-called “long-tail” terms can also be valuable if you can get your website to rank for a variety of them. For example, according to Marketing Sherpa, Jelly Belly was able to increase its revenue from Google and Yahoo by 122% and 200%, respectively, by focusing on long-tail search. And Search Engine Watch has reported that long-tail terms convert 2.5 times more than the high-volume terms.

Solution: Enter CEATUS Media Group. CEATUS developed a targeted strategy which included adding a blog to Dr. Greenwald’s website with content focusing on long-tail search terms. Most companies use blog posts to focus on the highly competitive terms, which is a BIG MISTAKE. Not CEATUS. Instead, CEATUS created blog posts focusing on topics such as “extended tummy tuck recovery time” and “cool sculpting under breasts.” After six months of blogging with this strategic mindset, the blog now accounts for 46% of visitors to Dr. Greenwald’s website. It is now by far the largest contributor of visitors to his before and after galleries. The amount of time people spend on the site has increased dramatically, as has the number of pages they visit. And the number of emails coming from the site has also skyrocketed. The bottom line – increased patient volume!