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Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons


Led by a team of five premier ophthalmologists, Berks Eye provides a full range of advanced eye care, from exams and lens fitting to LASIK and cataract surgery. For over 70 years, Berks’ presence and reputation have drawn patients to their practice.


Since 2009, CEATUS has enhanced Berks’ stellar reputation across the Web with leading-edge website design, hosting, compelling content, social media buzz, targeted directory listings and Facebook ads. But as the traditional senior demographic began rapidly migrating to online platforms, Berks knew they needed to expand their digital focus to continue to be competitive and visible to this large share of prospects. So of course, they turned to CEATUS for the answer.


The CEATUS SEO team devised an exciting new PPC management strategy to capture Google market share and dramatically raise brand awareness. The digital landscape changes quickly, and fortunately, the CEATUS team is unequaled in their continuous study of the latest trends and tools necessary to keep our clients on top. To ensure that Berks would not only continue to thrive, but also expand their reach to this important market segment, this successful PPC strategy was implemented.


Berks’ launch was so successful that their click-through rate rose 386% and, most excitingly, their conversion rate jumped an astonishing 2644%. Even the more traditional phone calls tripled. As ROI soared past 456%, the cost of conversion fell by 92%. After recently intensifying CEATUS’ powerful Google AdWords campaign, Berks now dominates both the message and their market.

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