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Case Study - Landsman


Dr. Lloyd Landsman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Long Island, NY with over 25 years’ experience. He started working with CEATUS in August 2017.


While Dr. Landsman continues to have great success with his growth through organic SEO (which CEATUS handles as well), he wanted to see even greater growth in specific procedures that were important to his practice and that could achieve a substantial ROI.


Of course, he looked to CEATUS for a solution and PPC was the answer! CEATUS designed a customized Google Adwords campaign targeting two procedures that were important to his practice; breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. The campaign was targeted to attract potential patients in his market.


Within a short period, he saw a substantial spike in his surgical volume and realized a new breast augmentation patient immediately!

Throughout the campaign, CEATUS continued to analyze his specific results and titrate the program.

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