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Monumental Patient Growth; Mission Accomplished!

With CEATUS’ help, North Pointe Dental achieves practice growth of 30 to 50 new patients a month.

Background: North Pointe Dental is a multi-dentist practice in the Tampa, FL area. The practice offers a full range of services, from Invisalign to sleep apnea treatment, veneers and Botox.

Problem: The dentists and staff at North Pointe Dental wanted more new patients in the practice.

Solution: CEATUS did an analysis of their current marketing strategy and then provided a new website design, a listing in the Consumer Guide to Dentistry and search engine optimization for the website.

Results: Within months of completing the new website; rankings and traffic for the site began to soar. The improved website design also improved conversion for the prospective patients visiting the website. In 2012, the practice averaged 30 new patients a month. Through the first quarter of 2013, this number had jumped to 50 new patients per month. By mid-April, the practice had already brought in 45 new patients in just two weeks.

“We’ve been very happy with the results we’ve gotten from CEATUS. The difference has been night and day! With CEATUS improving our rankings in Google and other search engines, we’ve been seeing many more new patients each month. After just three months of our new optimized site going live we’ve grown from 30 new patients per month average in 2012 to averaging mid 50’s for the first three months of 2013 and growing! In fact, we’re already at 45 new patients for April and it’s only the 15th! We’re glad we chose CEATUS for our SEO and website design and are excited of what’s still to come!”

– Haydee Davidson, North Pointe Dental.