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Prominent Dentist Sees Extraordinary ROI from Portal Listing

Background: Dr. X, who asked to remain anonymous (so that his competitors would not be motivated to obtain a listing in Consumer Guide to Dentistry), is a prominent cosmetic dentist. He offers comprehensive dentistry services and performs a high volume of high-end cosmetic procedures. Dr. X has excellent word-of-mouth referrals and his practice website ranks well for searches in his local area. He wanted to build on this foundation by enhancing his online visibility.

Solution: In 2009, Dr. X chose to list in CEATUS’ Consumer Guide to Dentistry Directory for a number of reasons. Consumer Guide to Dentistry is a comprehensive dentistry educational portal that receives more than 300,000 visitors per month and ranks for a wide range of cosmetic dentistry search terms that Dr. X’s practice website does not rank for. What’s more, Consumer Guide to Dentistry provides patients with dentist-reviewed educational information that is clear, authoritative and comprehensive. This is important because when consumers are educated they are much more likely to convert for treatment. Dr. X felt that positioning his practice in the Consumer Guide to Dentistry would build more credibility for his practice and enhance his word-of-mouth and website referrals. Data shows that consumers look at more than one website when researching procedures, so Dr. X wanted to be visible in multiple places online. Consumer Guide to Dentistry worked like a charm.

Results: Dr. X and his staff closely monitor the leads generated from Consumer Guide to Dentistry and have found that the practice is receiving an extraordinary ROI. Dr. X’s profile in the CEATUS Consumer Guide to Dentistry Directory worked so well, in fact, that he has renewed his profile in the Consumer Guide to Dentistry every year since 2009!

Here are some examples of actual leads:
Name: Patient X
Need front 4 teeth fixed, 25 years with same caps and they are failing and are really crooked. Hoping you can help. Oh only if you take carecredit my ins doesn’t cover this kind of work

Name: Patient Y
after years of not loving my smile, and after lots of research, I decided that I think veneers are what I need to love my smile. I would like to know the cost of a visit to find out the total cost of the procedure to get the veneers. And I also wanted to know if you did a payment plan since I understand this is a costly procedure. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

CEATUS also offers successful patient referral sites in other specialties, including plastic surgery. Here is an example of one of many targeted leads that are received by our clients listed in Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery.

Name: Patient Z
I plan to get a mini face lift and peel in Nov.

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