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Ceatus Launches Unique Eye Care Directories on

On Oct 2, 2017, Ceatus Media Group launched two unique directories for consumers featuring LASIK and Cataract surgeons on its medical advice website, Better Vision Guide.

These directories LASIK and Cataract afford consumers the ability to research vision correction procedures and connect with LASIK and cataract surgeons in their area. Five hundred top eye surgeons from the U.S., Canada and around the world participate in these new online directories.

Better Vision Guide provides more than 150 pages of educational content, written by vision experts, about various eye conditions and their related vision correction treatments. The articles also provide interesting information about everyday life experiences related to vision, including such topics as how refractive surgery has helped to improve our military and tips for eye protection while swimming. Information from these articles is widely read by consumers and has been featured in prominent consumer magazines, including Reader’s Digest. Consumers visit Better Vision Guide because of its informational, educational content, which has earned first-page rankings on Google and the other search engines for everyday search terms used to research eye surgery treatments, such as presbyopia correction, corneal inlays, multifocal IOLs, cataract surgery cost, phakic IOLs and more.

These innovative directories add fresh educational features that are not offered by other eye care medical advice websites.  Recent survey data from CareCredit shows that consumers of elective eye procedures spend significant time online researching the procedures of interest as well as the eye surgeons who offer them. The table below shows that consumers focus on four major areas online: search engines, medical advice websites, practice websites and surgeons reviews.

Source: CareCredit Path to Purchase Survey: 2014.

Better Vision Guide’s state-of-the-art directories are the first to offer all four of these research topics to consumers of elective eye care.

Better Vision Guide is a premier medical advice website that is easily found on the search engines. Each surgeon’s profile links to the doctor’s website and — in a first of its kind function — includes a reviews feature.  Using Ceatus Media Group’s proprietary review manager system, the surgeons’ reviews are aggregated from across the web and displayed on their Better Vision Guide directory profile.  This combination of educational content and surgeon information makes it easy for consumers to learn about the procedures they are interested in, then choose a surgeon, all in a single location.


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