Ceatus Media Completes Dramatic Remodel and Expansion

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As many new clients flock to Ceatus to obtain unparalleled digital marketing expertise, award-winning website design and construction, along with concierge level customer service, we were running out of space.

In April, we began a dramatic remodel and expansion of our work space so that we can accommodate a growing staff of experts and create an innovative, ideas-sharing environment. Thanks to our wonderful contractor and his team, demolition only required a few weeks.

During the transition, the Ceatus staff jumped on-board (as they do) with some elbow grease to help facilitate the total reorganization of our working environment! The pictures below show the demolition of the previous space and of the staff working hard on a Friday afternoon to dismantle the older cubes for disposal. We’d like to thank our wonderful staff members for their hard work and for putting up with the remodel process.















Staff helping out







Our new space now accommodates our search engine optimization (SEO), writers, web development, design, marketing, IT and client services teams. The expansion also increased our sales and consultation area to accommodate an influx of Internet Marketing Consultants and to create a larger training area to host our staff during regular extensive training programs.

If you are in the San Diego area and would like to check out our new digs, please stop by for a visit. Our staff would love to meet you in person and show off our new space! If your timing is right, you can join us for one of our Friday Afternoon Parking Lot Parties. See you here!

Parking Lot Party