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Expert Chicago cosmetic surgeon Dr. Florence Mussat is proud to reveal her newly refreshed website. Dr. Mussat is confident that her website will serve as a comprehensive resource for her current clients as well as attract new plastic surgery patients to her state-of-the-art surgical center in Chicago. Dr. Florence and her highly experienced team are proud to serve the specialized needs of their patients in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Dr. Mussat’s website boasts a wealth of information about the various cosmetic procedures she offers. In addition to facial, body and breast surgery, Dr. Mussat also specializes in non-surgical options such as Botox and dermal fillers. Each procedure page details information about candidacy, what to expect during surgery and proper post-operative care. Dr. Mussat feels that including this info will help empower patients with information so they can ultimately make the best decision when it comes to elective cosmetic surgery. Another great feature of the website is the robust before and after gallery, where visitors can browse before and after pictures of all the procedures she offers. This allows visitors to set realistic expectations and goals for their surgery.

More about Dr. Florence Mussat

Through her comprehensive education and over 15 years of surgical experience, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mussat has been widely established as one of the most prominent female plastic surgeons in Chicago. She completed her general surgery residency training and critical care fellowship at the University of New York Health Science Center in Brooklyn, NY. She continues to serve Chicago and surrounding areas.

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Florence Mussat M.D.

680 N Lake Shore Dr #1030
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312.751.9000