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At Ceatus, we navigate the vagaries of the Digital Marketing world (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) daily. As such, we are occasionally privy to inside scoops. Along these lines we thought we would share with our readers, one of the best letters to Santa we have seen.

Dear Santa,

All I want for the holidays is: a fully responsive website that is customized for my practice/business and converts 95% of my website visitors to consultations and revenue; my website to rank on the top of the Google search results for every procedure and service I offer; 1,000 five-star reviews to appear on every major review site; highly engaging social media posts that my thousands of followers share with their thousands of friends; my name and practice/business name to show up millions of places online (in addition to my website of course); and last, I want all of this at no cost and with no additional time requirements for either my staff or me.

Warmest regards,
The Tooth Fairy

While this wish list is a little out of fantasyland — in the real world, an outstanding Digital strategy requires incredible skill and hard work — there are five rock-solid Digital Marketing “wishes” that are achievable (only with Ceatus of course), which will make your 2019 Very Merry and Bright!!

A Stellar Responsive Website

The first element of a successful digital strategy is a responsive website that adapts to the device on which the website is being viewed. There are a few key factors to understand when you are obtaining a new responsive website, but the No. 1 priority is a website with Google-friendly code that facilitates ranking and has both a well-thought-out layout and content that converts.

While asking Santa to leave this under your tree is certainly appealing, a website that performs for your practice or business requires experience, skill, time and talent to develop. Of course, as with all major purchases, quality features that matter have a cost associated with them. So be wary of cheap websites, particularly those that cost less than $5,000 or a few hundred dollars a month. Invariably these sites have a number of not-so-great things in common. The sites’ content and design are frequently not unique, i.e., other practices or businesses in your market may have exactly the same website. They are typically built to make them easy for the digital marketing agency to deliver to the client rather than to be the best ranking and converting tools for your specific practice or business. And sadly, with many of these low-cost sites, you don’t own the site, which means that you can’t take it with you if you want to change companies.

So how do you determine what is a good value? It all depends on the size, quality and features. You can think of a new website like a new car; if someone offers you a Mercedes website at a Prius price – beware! The good news is that higher-quality websites provide much better conversion and higher ROI for your investment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To paraphrase a very famous quote, SEO doesn’t happen by itself. Google will not naturally recognize your quality and rank you on top accordingly. Your website has to be set up and maintained properly for successful SEO. And, because of the new Google algorithm changes, the website and online footprint MUST communicate Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T).  Ranking well on Google at the North Pole is easy as there’s no competition. So when you ask Santa for great rankings on Google, ask him to show you results from other clients in the same (or even more) competitive markets.


If you wait around for Santa to bring you good reviews, without taking any initiative yourself, you are 7 times more likely to receive a 2-star or lower review. An effective and active reviews strategy can flip the switch from a Naughty online reputation to one that’s Nice.

The system that Santa should bring you must have three basic components: automated notifications when a new review goes online, an easy and streamlined review solicitation tool that is adaptable to target at least 10 of the top review sites, and an automated feed to post positive reviews on your website and social media. Enough said.

Social Media

Santa is a very engaging fellow, so he looooves social media. When you ask him for a social media package, it should include posts that your followers want to read and share with others. Your goal is to have your 300 followers (for example) share your posts with their 300 followers, resulting in 90,000 sets of eyes on information from your practice or business. Don’t let Santa bring you a sub-par social media package that only provides promotional or selling posts. When posts are not engaging, you end up with a bag of coal instead of a steady stream of new patients or customers.

Facetime (and we don’t mean on your phone)

If Santa is really good to you this year, he can bring you a package that presents your face many places around the Internet, outside of your website. Santa knows about the CareCredit Survey from a few years ago that showed that more than 60% of patients visited third-party medical advice websites when researching procedures and selecting a doctor.

Santa’s gift will be to refer you to Ceatus, the only company that offers a complete suite of the digital services needed to take your practice or business to the next level in 2019. Santa always prefers the nice list so don’t be naughty with your digital marketing strategies.

Please contact us if you any questions about your Digital marketing strategy.

Tip of the Month

Plug it In, Plug it In

Plug-ins can automatically add great features to your website without the need to pay for your own programmer to develop the functionality. But while plug-ins can be quite beneficial, if not done correctly they can also cause great harm. So don’t get lured into repeatedly hanging new plug-ins on your website; these additions have to be accomplished judiciously. Here are some major issues to avoid with plug-ins.

  • Some plug-ins don’t play well with others so test the full functionality of your site after you add plug-ins.
  • Some plug-ins can be easily hacked, exposing your website to serious threats. Ensure your plug-ins are compatible with and covered by your website security protocol.
  • Too many plug-ins can weigh down your site and hurt your site load speed, which in turn leads to a poor user experience and bad rankings on Google. Try to keep the number of plug-ins below 10 to 15, and regularly check site load speeds to ensure that the add-ons are not dragging you down.

Questions about your website strategy? Contact us.

Ask the experts

Q: I have read that profile listings can be beneficial for my practice or business. If I purchase a profile listing in a directory, how do I check if it’s working for me?

A: Practices often evaluate profile listings only based on the number of leads directly attributed to that profile page. This is a mistake. Profile listings have numerous benefits and are often part of leads that cannot be tracked directly. A prospective patient might see your information multiple places online (which, as marketing research shows, increases brand awareness and conversion), including the profile page, and then contact you through the website. In this case, the profile page was instrumental in the close, but may not have been the single element to generate the lead. Other benefits of profile listings include the fact that they are considered high-quality citations (for your SEO) and endorsements from a third-party source.

Tip: Make sure the medical advice website your profile listing is on is credible and contains unbiased third-party information about your high-revenue producing procedures. But don’t pay too much!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the profile listings we offer. 


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