Dr. Paul VreNon’s Desert Breeze Dental Debuts New Website

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Desert Breeze Dental is pleased to unveil their newly updated website, which has been optimized to be found via online searches. The Desert Breeze Dental website was designed to attract more clientele to Dr. VreNon’s practice.

The content on the site has been organized to provide users with a comprehensive guide to cosmetic dentistry, and outlines all of the different procedures that can be used to improve their oral health. Patients can peruse descriptions of procedures like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants and more. Dr. VreNon encourages patients to research and learn about how they can benefit from each procedure, and what the process entails. This includes the cost, concerns, and of course the recovery time for the procedure.

Potential clients can also visit the smile gallery, a before and after look at results from actual patients of Dr. VreNon. This gives them an expectation for their own outcome, and builds confidence in the work performed at Desert Breeze Dental.

The site also has a patient education page, which allows visitors to search the content on the site, to jump directly to the information they need. This empowers patients with the information they need to make an educated decision about their selection. The Desert Breeze Dental website also allows patients to book an appointment online, and outlines the educational background of the practice’s dentists and shows photos of the office’s interior. Finally, the site also highlights upcoming discounts and promotions so they can save money.

More about Desert Breeze Dental

Desert Breeze Dental is one of the premier dental practices in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. VreNon is supported by two other top dentists and a fantastic staff that provide excellent cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry services. If you would like to learn more about the practice, or want like to schedule a consultation, call 702-869-0032 today.

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