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PPC for Doctors

In his most recent video blog for Healio, Dr. David Evans, CEO, CEATUS Media Group, explains how Pay Per Click ads on Google work and how they can benefit your practice.

As Dr. Evans explains, if there is any time to invest in PPC ads, it’s now. Why? Because elective health care is on the rise!

With so many people now working remotely, consumers are now free to make appointments when they please — and they have additional money to afford procedures, because they don’t have to worry about commuting or traveling for work as much. So, capture their attention by investing in PPC ads.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Google sells PPC ad space on its search results pages. With each click on your ad, you pay a small fee. Why would you do this? Because PPC ads are great for your business and can provide immediate results! They are an amazing way to have potential clients quickly sign up for a consultation or make an appointment.

Dr. Evans explains that when someone uses Google to search for LASIK, the search results display about 3 or 4 LASIK-related ads at the top of the page, organic listings in the middle, and more ads at the bottom.

How to Use Your Budget Wisely

Dr. Evans also explains that there are a couple of metrics you should focus on to ensure that your PPC ad thrive: Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate.

CTR is a ratio showing how often people see your ad and click on it. According to Google, on average, 3% of people who see your ad will click on it*.

Conversion rate* is how often potential clients complete the call to action you have for the ad (i.e. calling the office, scheduling an appointment, or visiting your website). If your PPC ad campaign is designed well, this percentage should increase over time.

It’s also important that you target the right demographic for conversion. You don’t want to sell cataracts to an 18-year-old or target people who live hours away from your practice. If you don’t target the right demographic, you may end up with a high CTR but a low conversion rate.

Not sure where to start with PPC ads? Contact CEATUS and put our unequaled PPC expertise to work! We have years of experience negotiating ad rates with Google. This experience allows us to make sure you get a high-quality score and great ad positioning in Google’s search results. Don’t believe it? On average, we double (or more) our clients’ CTR and multiply their conversion rate when we take over the management of their PPC ads — often with the same budget or even less than they were spending before we stepped in.

Watch the full interview here. If you have any questions, give us a call at (615) 733-8111.

*On average, CEATUS clients CTRs and conversion rates greatly exceed the Google average.