Do You Need Video?

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You sure do — YouTube is the Internet’s second largest search engine!

Thanks to the emergence of YouTube as a major source of information for consumers, it is now very important that you connect with consumers through video. Just to give you an idea of how important, YouTube is now the Internet’s second largest search engine.

So, what types of videos do you need to gain customers from YouTube?

Definitely not videos of surgery. If you’re a surgeon, it’s natural to think that your potential patients would probably want to see videos of you performing surgery. In reality, what they want is to learn about the outcome of surgery and the process, especially how easy and safe it is.

To accomplish this, you need to allow them to connect with you and hear positive commentary from your current/past patients. Here are some examples:

  • A heartfelt message from you
  • You discussing your philosophy
  • You explaining the process from consult to recovery, focusing on the positive results patients can expect
  • Patient testimonials, preferably featuring patients discussing how happy they are after treatment

Want to learn more about video? At CEATUS, we specialize in helping surgeons connect with potential patients through video and other mediums. Contact us today to learn more.