Dr. Barry Eppley Launches Custom Facial Implant-Focused Website

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Dr. Barry Eppley is an expert in facial reshaping, which he accomplishes through both traditional plastic surgery procedure as well as facial implants. His new website, PatientSpecificFacialImplants.com, focuses on custom facial implants, which are made on a per-patient basis to provide an exact fit.

The content on the site is from an authoritative source, and explains the usage and techniques related to each type of implant, and the results they can have. These include chin implants, cheek implants, forehead implants and much more. There is also the “total face” option, which uses several custom implants throughout the face to help restore symmetry, or improve the overall structure.

More about Dr. Barry Eppley

Dr. Barry Eppley serves patients locally in Indiana, and from all around the globe. To learn more about custom facial implants, and to find out if they are right for you, call (317) 706-4444 today.

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