Dr Evans Explains the Steps for Safely Reopening Eye Care Practices

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Ceatus CEO, Dr David Evans, was interviewed recently by Cynthia A. Matossian, MD in a Video Blog in Ocular Surgery News. In the Video Blog, entitled Steps for Safely Reopening Eye Care Practices, Dr Evans offers advice about what doctors should do to ramp up their practices during the pandemic when so many patients are afraid to make clinic visits.

In this Q&A, Dr Evans answers questions on topics including how to best address patient concerns about coming back into the office during these trying times. He explains that while it is important to implement CDC and state requirements, it is equally important to let your patients know what you are doing to protect them. Ensuring that your COVID-19 strategy is prominent on your website is critical.  In fact, Dr Evans recommends that this information be disseminated throughout all your touch points.

He also addresses the issue of how to most effectively utilize excess staff capacity during times when the practice is operating with low patient volume. One tactic that generates a great ROI, is to have staff follow up with patients who had surgery and consultations scheduled before COVID-19.  Dr Evans also notes that this is a great time to boost your reviews and testimonials. As everyone knows, many of the best reviews come from patients who have been personally asked. Staff can follow up with these patients and generate stellar reviews as well as testimonials that can be utilized to generate even more leads in the future.

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