Dr. Evans’ takes “Reviews and Revenue” Global at ESCRS Copenhagen

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Dr. Evans taking questions from the audience

Dr. Evans spoke to a packed house at the recent ESCRS meeting in Copenhagen. His topic was about using reviews to build practice revenue.

The European audience was very interested to learn about the trend in the US of consumers using reviews to make buying decisions about eye surgeons and elective eye surgery and that the trend is now rapidly moving to Europe.

During the presentation he showed that eye surgeons in the major US markets have obtained many reviews, but that in most European markets most surgeons don’t even have “stars” yet on their Google My Business pages or in their search results. He explained that the first surgeons in each market to obtain numerous reviews will have a significant competitive advantage.

Dr. Evans also explained how to take advantage of reviews on Facebook, including soliciting reviews for the reviews page and feeding reviews from other sites to Facebook. And finally, Dr Evans spent a significant part of the presentation outlining his easy “one-step” review solicitation procedure. This procedure generated considerable interest for many of the attending surgeons and there were numerous questions at the end of the presentation.