Got Millennials Yet?!

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Millennials represent a rapidly growing segment of the buying population for vision correction surgery. But, this group of buyers is hard to reach and hard to keep engaged. This month, our CEO Dr David Evans, is featured in the new Ophthalmology Times practice management blog series with an article entitled “How to Attract Millennials to your Practice.”

The article outlines the purchasing power of the Millennial generation and the five key things a practice needs to do to capture this group as patients.

First, your practice website must embrace mobile. Not only must your site be responsive, but it must have specific attributes to immediately capture their attention, or the Millennials will bounce.

Second, Millennials want to be connected, so you have to personalize your brand. Social media platforms have given Millennials the power to “track down” everyone from their pizza delivery person, to the CEO of their favorite retail store and yes, to their eye surgeon. To attract and retain Millennials, your social media must be savage (translation: really cool, i.e. engaging and not promotional.)

Third, reviews and testimonials are seen as the most trusted advertising platforms for Millennials. A full 84% of Millennials don’t trust traditional ads. To be effective, your practice must have lots of recent reviews across the full range of reviews sites, not just a handful of sites.

Fourth, address the Millennials with their own lingo, if you want to be relevant. They pay more attention when they hear or read language that sounds like their squad!

Fifth, leveraging the FOMO. “Fear Of Missing Out,” is important to Millennials. A brand and image that can generate this emotion – wins! Positive reviews are a great way to let Millennials know that you are the best practice, and they should not miss out on you.

To read the full article, click here.