How to Rebuild Practice Volume in the Midst of a Pandemic

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Cynthia A. Matossian, MD, interviews David Evans, PhD, MBAIn his second video blog, Dr. Evans elaborates on building practice volume and offers additional strategies to get patients in the door.

His first suggestion is to invest in elective procedure-related PPC advertising on Google. He points out that PPC cost depends on how much competition there is; since many practices have pulled back their marketing budgets, this means fewer practices trying to advertise and, therefore, currently, costs are lower for acquiring patients via PPC advertising.

Dr. Evans also recommends focusing on secondary procedures because there is plenty of interest but far less competition on Google.

What about the patients you’re trying to get back for regularly scheduled appointments? Dr. Evans says there are actually two different types of patients to focus on. To learn more, watch the full video here.

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