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The Laser Eye Center of Carolina is led by Dr. Dean Dornic, a well-known laser eye surgeon in North Carolina. The Laser Eye Center has updated their website to showcase the most up-to-date information about laser eye surgery and eye care available. Visitors to the site can read about all of the eye procedures available to them.

If you’re interested in LASIK in Durham, Dr. Dornic’s office is in the vicinity.

Patients can read about LASIK, and LASIK alternatives like PRK and LASEK. The Laser Eye Center of Carolina offers Nearvision for Presbyopia, implantable contacts, and cataract surgery. Kamra Inlay is also available. Each procedure is outlined with the risks and benefits, medical considerations, and frequently asked questions. This format allows visitors to the site to get an in-depth knowledge about each type of eye surgery before making a consultation.

If you’re interested in cataract surgery in Durham, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dornic today.

The site also features reviews and testimonials from Dr. Dornic’s patients so they can read about their excellent outcomes in his care. Finally, patients can read Dr. Dornic’s bio and learn about his educational background, areas of expertise, and professional experience.

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To schedule an eye exam with Dr. Dornic, contact his Cary, NC office at (919) 467-9955 or at his Smithfield, NC branch at (919) 938-2010.

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