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Make Sure You are Getting the Best Value

How to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck

If you’ve been looking into having your website redesigned or updated, you’ve probably reached out to a few Digital Marketing Firms, and perhaps you have received a few proposals for the services you requested.

But why is it that the prices vary so much?

Let’s get to the heart of this question.

Here are two main components of a website are design and content.


The first thing you should do is to determine whether the design is unique or based on a template. Templated websites should cost less than custom-designed sites, and the proposals you receive ought to reflect this. This is because templated websites take less time to build. Typically, all your Digital Marketing Firm needs to do is select photos/graphics and insert them into a template.

Templated sites are also easier to put together; since the template itself is already built, all that’s left is to drop in some photos and add a few design elements. While in many cases a templated site is fine, it’s also important to note that some templates are not good for Google rankings. To see if a firm’s use of templated websites is adversely affecting its clients, check out the rankings of the firm’s clients.


The other important factor is content. If a Digital Marketing Firm is providing content, try to assess whether it is original or duplicated from other sites. Developing custom content obviously takes more time than pulling articles from a pre-existing library, so you can expect to pay more. But Google prefers custom content, and that’s all that matters. It’s worth the investment to ensure you have a better chance at higher rankings.

Also, custom content can be tailored to your practice, which in turn leads to higher patient conversion and a higher ROI for your Digital Marketing Strategy.

What to Do

To make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, ask the Digital Marketing Firms the following questions:

  • Is the design unique or based on a template?
  • Is the content original or does it come from a library?

This information is pretty easy to cross-check — simply look at the firm’s website gallery to see if the design structure of its clients’ sites looks the same for many or all of its clients. Then, look at a few pages of content on various sites and see how much it differs.

At Ceatus, we offer Digital Marketing Strategies that ensure our clients achieve maximum ROI at every price point.

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