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MECA Eye & Laser Center Improves Website

Memphis Eye and Cataract Associates (known as MECA for short) is a leading vision care and eye surgery center in Memphis. They’ve improved and expanded the content on their website to ensure they are found in search engines for local patients looking for an eye doctor. Patients interested in LASIK in Memphis are encouraged to schedule an appointment at MECA.

MECA’s staff is a group of experienced vision professionals, inventors, and award-winning surgeons. Visitors to the website can read the profiles of each doctor, learn about their education, achievements, and medical specialties. The MECA team of doctors includes Drs. Jerre Freeman, Thomas Gettelfinger, James Freeman, Hal B. Wright, John Freeman, David Irvine, and Brian M. Jerkins.

Their website has been improved to expand the content on each vision procedure, making it a better resource for visitors than ever before. Patients can read about each type of surgery or treatment, to get a better grasp of what their own vision care experience will be like. Each procedure has been expanded and placed on its own webpage for better search engine visibility.

MECA offers dry eye treatment, corneal transplants, LASIK, and glaucoma treatment. Each procedure is outlined and explains the process and risks for each in depth.

“Optical Images” is the name for MECA’s eyeglasses store, where visitors can select from a number of well-known brands and makers of eyeglass frames. These brands include Kate Spade, Nine West, Vera Wang, Maui Jim and many more. Clients are invited to try on the frames at Optical Images to see which ones work best for them before making a purchase.

MECA Eye & Laser Center has been in business since 1978, serving countless Memphians and their families. Memphis-area residents are encouraged to visit MECA for a comprehensive eye exam, or any vision care that they require.

More about MECA
The surgeons at MECA are well-respected for their work in Memphis. Contact them on their website for an appointment, or call their office at (901) 767-3937.

MECA Eye & Laser Center
6485 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 767-3937 or (800) 393-7185

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