Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Onelio Garcia Enhances Practice Website

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Dr. Onelio Garcia is a well-respected plastic surgeon serving the mecca of body image awareness, Miami, Florida. His website has grown by leaps and bounds, to incorporate more information about surgical bodysculpting than ever before. The improved content details the most sought after procedures available. These include breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck and more.

Potential patients visiting the site can read about each procedure, to learn if that’s the proper surgery for their particular needs. They can also learn about recovery time, results and expectations post-surgery. As Dr. Garcia’s website continues to grow, it will be updated with even more information for visitors to view and learn from.

The website is his namesake, and can be visited now.

More about Dr. Onelio Garcia

Dr. Garcia works out of a shared practice in Miami, Florida. He’s sought out by local patients, as well as patients who fly in. Dr. Garcia has a wide range of experience in plastic surgery, including most major procedures. To book a consultation with Dr. Garcia, or to learn more about his practice, please call (305) 448-8900.

Onelio, Garcia JR., M.D.
3850 Bird Rd, Suite 102
Miami, FL 33146
(305) 448-8900