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Dr. Robert Milner, DDS of Mission Viejo has recently expanded his online presence to provide more detailed information and answer questions about the many dental procedures he offers at his Mission Viejo dental practice. Patients seek out Dr. Milner for restorative dentistry in Mission Viejo, along with other types of care including regular check ups, crowns, veneers and more. Dr. Milner also sells fluoridex toothpaste for patients who want to brighten their smile.

The focus of his new content is primarily on cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, and what patients can expect before, during and after these procedures. Patients often have many questions about these treatments, which are generally quite complex. Dr. Milner’s goal is to provide as much information as possible to potential and current patients to help them make informed decisions. Dr. Milner always performs thorough examinations and guides patients through each stage of their treatment, but it is important for patients to understand as much as possible beforehand. Patients interested in dental implants in Mission Viejo should contact Dr. Milner for a consultation.

About Dr. Milner:

Dr. Milner graduated at the top of his class from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Wisconsin and completed a two-year associateship in Southern California. He started his own practice in Mission Viejo in order to provide (along with his team of specialists) complete oral care under one roof.  To learn more about Dr. Milner, visit foryoursmile.com or contact the practice.


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