August 2012: Content Is (Still) King

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If you want to be found online – and convert new patients from the Internet – make sure your content is up to snuff

Among Internet gurus and aficionados, the saying “content is king” has been floating around for years. This old Internet adage still holds true today.

The content in question is, of course, the words on the pages of your website. As has always been the case, two all-important factors make content critical to the success of your Internet strategy: search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion. And the key to both is unique, informative content.

SEO: Don’t Get Caught in No Man’s Land

To achieve Internet marketing success, you must be in the good graces of Google. For any given topic, Google’s job is to provide the best resources, i.e., information. The reason Google gets so much traffic (and can sell so much advertising) is that consumers have confidence in Google’s search results. Consumers turn to Google for information because they believe that Google will offer them quality sources of information.

The best way to become one of these sources is to “optimize” your site with unique content. In other words, it cannot be the same content that appears on other websites. This may sound straightforward, but to this day there are still plenty of Internet companies selling the exact same website content to hundreds of clients! If you have been caught up in one of these scenarios, your website may not rank higher than the ninth or tenth page of search results for the search terms your practice is targeting. Assuming your goal is to attract new patients, the ninth or tenth page is no man’s land — potential patients looking online for the services you offer don’t often go past the first couple of pages.

So, how do you determine if your website content is unique? Copy two or three sentences of content from one of your procedure pages, paste it into Google’s search box, surrounded by quotation marks, and hit <enter>. If other sites with the same content as yours appear, then it’s time to have a talk with your SEO company — or maybe someone else’s.

Conversion: Educate Your Patients

The ultimate goal, of course, is to convert the people visiting your website into patients visiting your office. Unique content also plays a vital role in this process. Customized, well-written content keeps your visitors engaged; content that is generic, boring or “over-optimized” with keywords does not. Potential patients who are engaged by your content are more likely to contact you.

But how, exactly, is “engaging content” defined? Primarily, it should teach your patients something. After all, that’s why they clicked on your website. Including educational content on your website ensures that prospective patients have the information they need to understand the surgical procedures they’re interested in. It also ensures that they view you as the expert. And people who are well-informed when they arrive at your office are more likely to schedule a surgery.

Don’t worry about keeping your content fresh. Some SEO companies perpetuate a myth that your content has to be regularly updated in order to appeal to Google’s “Freshness” algorithm. In reality, Google understands that some websites, such as news sites with breaking news, need to be updated regularly, while other websites, such as consumer-targeted elective healthcare sites, do not. Content related to new procedures is certainly worth adding, but don’t waste your time or money by constantly updating every page.

The bottom line? Make sure the company you hire is focusing on the right things. They should have a team of professional writers with experience writing rich, accurate and engaging content for your specialty. A captivating website with unique, quality content will increase your patient conversion and surgical volume.

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Ask the experts

Q I notice that my Google + page used to have stars at the bottom, showing the quality of my reviews. Now the stars are gone and there is a number there instead. What does the number mean?

A Google acquired Zagat last year and has now adopted its 30-point rating scale for all Google reviews. Reviews that were written using the previous 5-star scale have been converted to the 30-point scale. For example, if you previously had 4 stars on the 5-star scale, your new rating is 4/5 of 30, or 24.

Events: What Is Your Google Potential?

Come by the Ceatus booth for a FREE website evaluation!

Breast Surgery and Body Contouring Symposium

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dates: August 22-25, 2012
Booth: Santa Fe Convention Center

This year’s 27th Annual Breast Surgery and Body Symposium will provide an exciting opportunity for surgeons to keep with the latest trends in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The symposium will take place at the convention center in downtown Santa Fe. Ceatus Media Group will be in attendance and exhibiting from August 22-25. Don’t miss your chance for a free evaluation of your website’s Google potential from a Ceatus Internet marketing expert!

American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)

Washington, DC
Dates: September 5-8, 2012
Booth: #315

Don’t miss this year’s 47th Annual Fall Meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in our nation’s capital. Denise Mann, Editorial Director for “All about Facial Rejuvenation” and Editor in Chief of Plastic Surgery Products, will explain the role of the media, how they view marketing, as well as what gets their attention and what doesn’t. Her talk, titled “Internet Marketing, an evidence based approach; hard facts, no fluff,” will take place Wednesday, Sept. 5 from 1:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Speak with one of our Ceatus Internet marketing experts and learn how you can increase conversion and bring new patients to your door!

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Geneva, Switzerland
Dates: September 4-8, 2012
Booth: #17

This year’s ISAPS meeting will take place in Geneva, Switzerland. Ceatus Media Group, which manages the Internet presence of surgeons worldwide, has been invited to offer free website and SEO evaluations in booth #17. This year’s program will include the largest faculty in history, with topics ranging across the spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery.

European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

Milan, Italy
Dates: September 8-12, 2012
Booth: # N264

Join us at ESCRS and learn how to develop an effective Internet strategy for your premier ophthalmic practice. At this year’s meeting, Ceatus CEO David Evans, PhD, has been asked to give surgeons a three-hour seminar focusing on how to optimize their Internet marketing strategies and grow their practice revenue. Real-time analysis will be performed on actual websites.

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CEATUS Case Study of the Month

Case Report – Dr. Greenwald

Background: Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a well-known plastic surgeon from Westchester County who practices in Harrison and Manhattan. He has been a client of Ceatus for more than four years. By working with Ceatus, he has achieved dominant search engine rankings for the most competitive, high-volume search terms in New York City, such as “breast augmentation.”

Challenge: But Dr. Greenwald wanted to continue to extend his online reach. Research shows that while the highly competitive terms are important, the lower-volume, so-called “long-tail” terms can also be valuable if you can get your website to rank for a variety of them. For example, according to Marketing Sherpa, Jelly Belly was able to increase its revenue from Google and Yahoo by 122% and 200%, respectively, by focusing on long-tail search. And Search Engine Watch has reported that long-tail terms convert 2.5 times more than the high-volume terms.

Solution: Enter Ceatus Media Group. Ceatus developed a targeted strategy which included adding a blog to Dr. Greenwald’s website with content focusing on long-tail search terms. Most companies use blog posts to focus on the highly competitive terms, which is a BIG MISTAKE. Not Ceatus. Instead, Ceatus created blog posts focusing on topics such as “extended tummy tuck recovery time” and “cool sculpting under breasts.” After six months of blogging with this strategic mindset, the blog now accounts for 46% of visitors to Dr. Greenwald’s website. It is now by far the largest contributor of visitors to his before and after galleries. The amount of time people spend on the site has increased dramatically, as has the number of pages they visit. And the number of emails coming from the site has also skyrocketed. The bottom line – increased patient volume!

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Bottled Poetry

A good wine bar caters to a wide range of customers, from novices testing the waters to connoisseurs looking to add a few bottles to their wine cellars. Sip the elixir Robert Lewis Stevenson rightly called “bottled poetry” at your next tradeshow destination!

Washington D.C.

Bistrot Lepic

Located in Upper Georgetown, chic restaurant / wine bar Bistrot Lepic offers a unique combination of classic, regional and contemporary French cuisine. Named one of the 10 Best Restaurants in the Country by Bon Appetit and Top 40 by Zagat, Bistrot Lepic boasts an astonishing 500 bottles of Bordeaux in its wine cellar. Kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy live jazz performances every Monday and Wednesday night, starting at 7 p.m.

New Orleans

Orleans Grapevine Wine and Bar Bistro

Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar & Bistro is a notable landmark on the New Orleans culinary landscape. This two-story venue was built in 1809, during the peak of the Theatre d’Orleans. The restaurant served some of the city’s most highly recognized and refined customers, attracting praise early on for the quality of its fare. Today, the building has been renovated and the restaurant offers a more extensive wine list and menu. Stop by Orleans Grapevine and see why locals and visitors flock to the wine bar, located just behind St. Louis Cathedral.

New York

The Champagne Bar

No establishment compares to The Champagne Bar, a locale often remembered for its historic celebrations. At Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, he celebrated his literary success with fine champagne and a guest list of 540 people – guests such as Oscar de la Renta and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor helped consume some 400 bottles of vintage Taittinger bubbly! Come relax at The Champagne Bar overlooking Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain with some of the world’s finest champagne, caviar and wines.


DiSotto Enoteca

Noted for its distinctive Italian décor, DiSotto Enoteca, meaning “underground wine bar,” has a quaint wine-cave feel. This intimate brick-walled eatery serves Italian-themed bites, including more than a half-dozen types of bruschetta. DiSotto Enoteca matches each dish with wine to draw out flavors that make the taste buds sing. Antipasti include pear, taleggio and prosciutto; porcini and fontina cheese; olives and others. DiSotto stays open until midnight on weeknights and 1 a.m. on weekends.

San Francisco

Press Club

Through meticulous pairings of seasonal small plates and glasses of wine, Press Club offers a wine country experience right in the middle of a bustling city. Located at the foot of the Four Seasons Hotel, and only two blocks from both Union Square and the Moscone Convention Center, sits one of the most exquisite wine tasting venues in San Francisco. The concept is simple yet unique. Press Club features wines from eight California wineries; patrons can taste flights offered by each winery, or mix and match. Come to the Press Club to see which California winery is your favorite!

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Product Highlight

Google’s “Authorship Program”

You may have noticed over the last few months that pictures of authors are displayed on the Google search results page. Google calls this its “Authorship” program.

This program allows the owner of any website to display a picture of the author of website content on the Google search results pages. If you own your practice website and have authored the content, then this program is a great opportunity to build more visibility for you and your practice on Google.

According to Google, this program:

  • Distinguishes and validates your content in the search results
  • Allows you to easily obtain more followers on Google +
  • Helps readers to discover other articles you have written on the Web
  • Allows website visitors to more easily connect with the authors of website content

Google Authorship is the driving force behind the search giant’s push to encourage website owners to set up and use a Google + Profile, and then interact with owners of other Google + profiles. If you have not done so already, this program should give you motivation to set up your own profile and take advantage of the additional branding Google is offering for free.

Ceatus offers this program to clients for FREE, as part of our SEO and website maintenance package.

Act Fast

We believe that it is crucial to capitalize quickly on these types of opportunities to build online branding, in order to take advantage of the trend. If you are one of the first surgeons or dentists in your area to use the Authorship program, you will be one of the few in your market to gain the visibility it offers, at least until the others catch up.

All of our clients were added to Google Authorship within months of the program’s debut, and the results have been astounding. If you would like to find out more about this product offering from Ceatus, please contact us at 858-454-5505.