Long-tail is the New Search

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Long-tail is the New Search

The Long and Short of It

Google has done it again. Just when we think we know which way they’re headed, they change their designs and send us all scrambling to keep up with their latest impulse.

This time, the search giant has decided that the content you write needs to be even more unique and specific. Gone are the days when you could repackage an existing article and post it again. Now, every article must have a different angle. Otherwise, Google may penalize your website.

Long-Tail Search: Google’s Latest Craze

“Long-tail” is the latest trend in apparel, and now it’s the latest trend in search. Long-tail searches are those containing about five words or more. In the past, you could add a few words to an existing article to attract traffic for these searches. But now Google has caught on, and as a result, if you want to gain traffic from these valuable search phrases, you need to write something that targets them specifically.

For example, if you are a plastic surgeon wanting to attract traffic on all aspects of rhinoplasty, you will need to create a quiver of articles approaching the subject from a myriad of angles. It’s OK to have a general article about the procedure on your website, to target short- and mid-tail searches – searches of one to four words. But to target highly specific searches (long-tail searches) you’ll need to create separate, more specific content on your blog, vlog and other marketing mediums. On your website you can address how the procedure is performed, candidacy, recovery and cost. But if you want to attract patients using searches like “How long do I have to wait before traveling after rhinoplasty?” you’ll need to produce a separate write-up that answers the question on your blog or another marketing medium.

Why Bother Targeting Long-tail?

Individually, each long-tail search comprises a small percentage of the overall search volume. But together, these searches account for more than two-thirds of all searches, according to SEOmoz.

Also, long-tail searches are the most useful searches in terms of conversion. Someone who conducts a specific, long-tail search such as “saline versus silicone breast implants” is more likely to convert, because they are further along in the decision-making process. It is also easier to avoid duplicate content with these topics because they are more specific in nature.

Content that targets long-tail searches tends to be less clinical, and more engaging and lighthearted. As such, it is perfect not only for blogging but also for social media. You can target long-tail searches in posts about promotions, practice news or any talks you give, for example. The goal of social media is always to convince followers to share or retweet your posts, so include photos whenever possible.

So how does a physician come up with ideas to target long-tail search? Simply pay attention to what your patients are talking about, and keep up with current trends. Do this and you’ll be up to speed with Google’s latest obsession: long-tail searches.

Ask the experts

Q How often should I post on my practice Facebook to reach out to my patient base?

A Facebook posts appear in your patients’ news feeds. If your patients have a lot of “friends,” then they receive a lot of posts in their feeds. These feeds are akin to stock tickers, with information constantly flowing in, pushing down the previous posts. To make sure your posts don’t get lost in these “tickers,” we recommend posting at least once a day.

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Maximize Your Internet Strategy

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ASAPS Las Vegas 2014 Aesthetic Symposium

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CEATUS Case Study of the Month

Dr. AnonymousSurgeon receives scores of leads through ad retargeting

Background: A prominent plastic surgeon wanted more conversion from potential patients who had visited his website. His website had good rankings and excellent traffic; however, he wanted a way to reach out to those who had shown an interest in his practice but had not yet contacted him.

Solution: Ad retargeting. This unique marketing technology uses “cookies” to track prospective patients after they have visited a practice’s website and shows ads about the practice when they visit other sites. These ads encourage the patients to return and revisit the website, and to contact the practice.

Outcome: After a short two-month program, the retargeting campaign generated thousands of additional impressions for the surgeon’s practice and 43 more leads. The cost was approximately $50 per lead.

“Ad retargeting is one of the best ways I have found to generate more consults. It was developed specifically to increase the number of conversions my website is likely to get from every potential patient visiting my site. When considering the fact that as much as 98% of people visiting any given website at any time will leave the site without calling or emailing anything, i.e., without making a conversion, even the idea of being able to focus on customers that were once lost forever makes me feel it is worthwhile.”

– Dr. Anonymous

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5 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

1. Create an Editorial Calendar

Good social media doesn’t just happen. Each month there are many opportunities to engage your readers, so don’t miss them. Creating an editorial calendar is the best way to pre-write content so that all you have to do is copy, paste and post. This also helps to keep you accountable with the amount of posts and interaction you have on your profile. Make sure to include in your plan national holidays, special events (in the office), fun food holidays (February 5 is National Pancake Day), new specials, or conferences you will be attending. Your posts should be fun, engaging content that will get your followers talking. Also keep in mind that time-sensitive posts will need to be planned accordingly. Get those creative juices flowing!

2. Add Video Content

Embrace video! From Facebook’s new silent viral videos, which play automatically when you scroll through your news feed, to Vine’s six-second videos and YouTube’s place as the No. 2 search engine…video is where it’s at in terms of content. We understand video may be a challenge to practices like yours since you have to comply with HIPAA laws, but there are plenty of ways to create fun video without violating HIPAA, such as:

  • Take a short video of your staff wishing everyone on Facebook a Happy St. Patrick’s Day
  • Film your potluck
  • Make a funny skit
  • Film a new device or exciting news about your office

Remember that your videos should be fun, interesting and, most importantly, short. So grab your smartphone and Spielberg it up!

3. Launch a “Likes” and “Follows” Campaign

The ever-elusive “Like” or “Follow” doesn’t have to be so elusive. Getting one makes all the hours spent writing witty posts and posting cat videos worth it. We’ve all been bombarded with alleged methods for getting people to “Like” us, but maybe the recipe is as simple as it was in 1st grade: Just ask, “Will you be my friend?” You email your patients/prospective patients about specials, updates and appointment reminders all the time, so why not send them a social media “Like” request? They may not follow through, but a friendly reminder is likely to help spark their interest. Some successful campaigns even include contests or giveaways. Yes, you are paying for friends, but think of the wonderful relationship you can begin.

4. Use Google+

If you believe the buzz (we do), Google+ is poised to knock Facebook off its perch — possibly this year. Social media experts predict a changing of the guard from Facebook to Google+, so why not make sure you are ahead of the game? You probably created an account because the Google gods said to, but did you really put time and effort into making your profile look good? Probably not. It’s time to start sprucing up your profile and adding more information, which in turn will please the Google gods. While some may tell you you’ve been seduced by the dark side by switching to Google+, you might actually like it.

5. Start a Pinterest Account

Hi! My name is Pinterest. I’m going to suck up three hours of your time when you’re supposed to be cleaning your house. Pinterest has exploded over the past year, and now ranks among the most popular social media platforms. And there’s no reason to think it will become any less popular. Thanks to its primarily visual content, which people prefer over just text, traffic and usage have skyrocketed. But is another social media platform really necessary? Yes. It’s an amazing place to display your advertisements, photos of your practice, before and after galleries, and other visual marketing. Importantly, your photos can link to any website you see fit — namely, your practice website. This in turn helps build good links and traffic to your site. What’s more, Pinterest doesn’t require much text, so it’s a fast and easy medium to maintain. Happy Pinning!

Does this all sound fine and dandy but you don’t know where to start? If so, click here or call our Social Media Experts at 858-454-5505. We look forward to helping you reach your social media goals in 2014.

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